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1999 – 2003 Index of Authors

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Eaton, Barbara
The Nose Knows - Or Does It? Questioning Our Sense of Smell (ed), #210, p.118-19

Ecklund, Dan, MD
Autism Could Have Bacterial Connection (letter), #209, p.117

Edelson, Stephen B., MD
Exercise Detrimental in Autoimmune Disease (letter), #197, p.111
Explaining the Root Causes of the Chronic Fatigue Type Syndromes and their Reversal, #208, p.68-72

Eisenhauser, David
Alternative Treatments for "Hyperactive Airways", #234, p.52-54

Eliaz, Isaac, MD, MS
The Role of Modified Citrus Pectin in the Prevention of Cancer Metastasis, #192, p.64-66

Eliaz, Isaac, MD, L.Ac and Rosenbaum, Michael Eli, MSc, MD
The Role of Padma Basic®, a Tibetan-Based Herbal Formula, in Circulatory and Cardiovascular Disease, #241, p.126-30

Ely, Elizabeth
Protease Inhibitors Control HIV But Do Not Cure AIDS, #207, p.77-80

Emeka, Mauris
Cancer – Back to Basics (letter), #240, p.99

Emord, Jonathan W.; Ferrenz, Andrea G.; Goodman, Jonathan R.
Federation of State Medical Boards Regulation of CAM (letter), #229, p.142-44

Englender, Carol, MD
Symptom Reduction in Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Pre-Digested Fish Protein Supplement, #205, p.60-64

Enig, Mary G., PhD
Chocolate: Food for the Gods (letter), #231, p.96
Cocoa Butter Composition Requires Correction (letter), #229, p.134

Evans, Don
Ellagic Acid from Berries Useful in Cancer Prevention (letter), #225, p.122

Fallon, Sally
Dr. Weston Price's Examination of the African Dinka Diet (letter), #205, p.103
Soy Controversy: Reply to Mr. Bill Sardi (letter), #219, p.92+

Fallon, Sally and Enig, Mary G., PhD
Soy Pros and Cons Debate Continued (letter), #213, p.100-03
Tragedy and Hope: The Third International Soy Symposium - Part I, #204, p.66-71
Tragedy and Hype: The Third International Soy Symposium - Part II, #205, p.56-58

Fanning, Rear Admiral Timothy O.
Hair Mineral Analysis (letter), #193, p.145
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Needs Standardization (letter), #195, p.100

Faraclas, Hanna-Ian, MS, CCE
A Position Paper on the Nature of the Counseling Relationship within the Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine, #235, p.64-6

Farr, Charles H., MD, PhD; White, Robert, NMD, PA, PhD; Maged, Maged, MD, NMD
Patient Outcomes to Alternative Medicine Therapies as Measured by the SF-36 - Preliminary Report, #186, p.24-25

Farr, Richard L.
Practical Homeotherapeutics: Clinical Protocols for Common Acute Respiratory Tract Conditions - Part 1, #198, p.66-69
Practical Homeotherapeutics: Clinical Protocols for Common Acute Respiratory Tract Conditions - Part 2, #199, p.83-85
Recommended Homeopathic Remedies Not Too Low (letter), #204, p.118+
Use of Flower Essences as Possible Resistance Enhancing Agents vs Infectious Conditions (letter), #227, p.112
Which "Homeopathy"?, #191, p.74-76

Farrington, Susan
Natural Answers to Hemochromatosis? (letter), #207, p.100

Federal Trade Commission
Federal Trade Commission Policing Alternative Medicine Approaches to SARS, #240, p.113

Feldman, Elliot
Drug Testing Flawed (letter), #193, p.142

Ferreira, Anne
Write to House Committee on Government Reform (letter), #204, p.130

Ferrie, Helke
The Krop Case in Canada Begins Court Appeal, #199, p.120-23
Ontario Passes Health Freedom Bill (letter), #215, p.113+

Field, Stanford
Antioxidants for Safer Testosterone Supplementation (letter), #223, p.115-17
Hypothyroidism and Iron Deficiency (letter), #191, p.90

Finkel, Maurice
The Acupuncture Stimulator - How It Works (letter), #207, p.101
Regulator Used in Detoxifying Addiction (letter), #186, p.116

Fitch, Harry L., CDR USN RET
FTC Regulation of Chelation (letter), #192, p.114

Flaws, Bob, Dipl. Ac & CH
Allergic Rhinitis & Chinese Medicine, #214, p.52-53
Alzheimer's Disease & Chinese Medicine, #228, p.38-42
The Cause & Treatment of AIDS According to Chinese Medicine, #225, p.156-159
The Chinese Medical Treatment of Lupus, #193, p.40-43
The Chinese Medical Treatment of Malignant Lymphoma, #217, p.176-78
The Chinese Medical Treatment of Psoriasis, #238, p.50-52
The Chinese Medicinal Treatment of Herpetic Neuralgia, #220, p.108-10
Chinese Medicine & Bone Marrow Suppression, #227, p.37-38
Chinese Medicine & Broken Bones, #202, p.138-39
Chinese Medicine & Broken Bones, #204, p.18-19
Chinese Medicine & Congestive Heart Failure, #209, p.128-130
Chinese Medicine & Diabetic Acromelic Gangrene, #241, p.48-51
Chinese Medicine & Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, #197, p.48-49
Chinese Medicine & Menopausal Functional Uterine Bleeding, #192, p.36-38
Chinese Medicine & Stroke, #196, p.28-30
Chinese Medicine & Teething, #201, p.32-34
Chinese Medicine and Surviving the Attack of Sept. 11th and Its Aftermath, #221, p.48-49
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, #215, p.152-53
Cortex Eucommiae Ulmoidis (Du Zhong) & Latex Allergy, #210, p.146-48
Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, #241, p.172-73
Diabetic Retinopathy, #231, p.118-22
Frequently Occurring &/or Multifocal Premature Ventricular Beats & Chinese Medicine, #229, p.30-31
Gao Lian's Spring-time Prevention of Liver Disease, #237, p.26-27
Hepatogenic Diabetes & Chinese Medicine, #233, p.42-45
The Integrated Chinese-Western Medical Treatment of Intracranial Hematomas due to Traumatic Injury, #240, p.44-45
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), #191, p.40-41
Menopausal Functional Uterine Bleeding, #198, p.36-38
Minor Bupleurum and the Prevention of Recurrent Infections in Children, #222, p.50-52
Modified Ba Zhen Tang (Eight Pearls Decoction) Combined with Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Digestive Tract Cancer, #239, p.66
Multiple Sclerosis & Chinese Medicine, #244, p.48
Opioid Addiction & Chinese Medicine, #216, p.88-92
Pediatric Post-antibiotic Spleen Vacuity Syndrome, #205, p.38-39
Pediatrics & Post-antibiotic Spleen Vacuity Syndrome, #232, p.150-51
Prolactin Secretion & Chinese Medicine, #223, p.38-40
Psychogenic Cough & Asthma and Chinese Medicine, #234, p.40-41
Pulse Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, #245, p.30-32
Recent Chinese Medical Research on the Treatment of ADHD, #243, p.48-50
A Representative Treatment of Low Back Pain in the Middle-aged, #208, p.126-28
Sleep Apnea & Chinese Medicine, #235, p.43-5
The Treatment of Menopausal Palpitations with Chinese Medicine, #190, p.16-17
The Treatment of Sinus Tachycardia as a Result of Antipsychotic Drugs with Chinese Medicine, #226, p.139-40
Using Ginseng Wisely, #219, p.28-29
Why Yin Qiao San Is Rarely the Best Chinese Formula for Colds & Flus in Western Patients, #203, p.165-68
Withdrawal & Mania: The Yin & Yang of Psychiatric Disease in Chinese Medicine, #213, p.54-57

Fleisher, Mitchell A., MD
Beta-Alethine Approved for US Cancer Trials (letter), #199, p.109
Beta-Alethine: A Promising New Immunostimulatory and Anti-Cancer Therapy, #195, p.54-58
Clarifications About Homeopathy (letter), #208, p.108
Mercury Detoxification, #214, p.64-71
Nutritional Therapy for Bioterrorism (letter), #221, p.91
Update on Mercury Detox Protocol (letter), #220, p.90

Flickstein, Dr. Aaron M.
Health Mate Infrared Saunas, #202, p.66-70

Flowers, S.W., MD
Fructus Crataegi (Hawthorne), #215, p.24-25

Fonorow, Owen
NEJM Vitamin A Study Flawed (letter), #238, p.104
Vitamin C and Magnesium Used as Placebo in Chelation Study (letter), #235, p.134-5

Fonorow, Owen R.
Banning Pet Supplements (letter), #233, p.110+
The Long Neglected Theory of Cardiovascular and Heart Disease, #229, p.96-98
Lysine and Vitamin C Research Proposed for Cardiovascular Disease (letter), #196, p.118
Media Effort to Disparage Use of Antioxidants in Heart Patients (letter), #225, p.122
Oncology Community Mounts Campaign Against Antioxidants (letter), #201, p.106
Prescription Drug Benefit (letter), #211, p.93
Radiation Nullifies the Pauling Cure, #227, p.82-84
T.V. Pharmaceutical Advertising Teaches Children Drugs Are Okay (letter), #205, p.93-94
The Vast Ignorance of Modern Cardiology (letter), #216, p.103+
Vitamin C, Collagen, and the Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease, #209, p.58-63
What Makes Medical News and What Doesn't? (letter), #186, p.116

Fordham, Kenneth C., DDS
Carcinoid Syndrome (letter), #228, p.114

Forsberg, Jan
Ear Candling Ineffective (letter), #228, p.121

Foster, Harold D., PhD
AIDS and the "Selenium-CD4 T Cell Tailspin" The Geography of a Pandemic, #209, p.94-99
Aluminum Buildup Implicated in Diabetes (letter), #197, p.113
How HIV-1 Kills: Implications for the Treatment and Prevention of AIDS, #225, p.76-78

Foster, John, MD; Kane, Patricia, PhD; Speight, Neal, MD
The Detoxx™ System: Detoxification of Biotoxins in Chronic Neurotoxic Syndromes, #232, p.77-82

Frawley, Kim
Radiologist Readings of Mammograms Suspect (letter), #232, p.132

Frazier, Wade
The Myths of Vegetarianism (letter), #207, p.93+

Fredin, Jerri
Good News for Alternatives! (letter), #215, p.114

Freedenfeld, Stuart H., MD
Chelation Study Criticized (letter), #232, p.128+

Frey, Helena
Treatment of Bladder Cancer by Bladder Irrigation with Vitamin C. Hydrogen Peroxide and Minerals, #195, p.100

Friel, Patrick
Laboratory Evaluation of Estrogen Metabolism, #245, p.62-66

Frodermann, Sheila, ND
Incontinence in Women - Part 1, #192, p.134-35
Incontinence in Women - Part 2, #193, p.172-74

Fry, Edward
Vitamin C Restrictions in Norway (letter), #205, p.103-04
Vitamins Inc. Cartel (letter), #199, p.97-100

Furth, Madeleine B.
Pemphigus Vulgaris (letter), #199, p.108


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