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Nair, Vijaya, MD, MS and Hernandez, Vic, MPH
Haelan951 - A Novel Fermented Soya Beverage and Safe Nutritive Adjunct in Prostate Cancer Therapies, #228, p.98-102

Namaya, Thom, FNP
The First Year in Practice (letter), #209, p.110
Objects to Name: "For Doctors and Patients" (letter), #192, p.110
The Rx Is Joy, #214, p.115+

Nash, Robert A., MD
Ten Deadly Sins, #214, p.14-16

Nelson, Steve
Living with Multiple Sclerosis, #193, p.141-42
Pseudomonas Infection on Indwelling Catheter Eliminated by Magnet Therapy (letter), #189, p.96

Neubauer, Richard A., MD and Yutsis, Pavel I., MD
New Frontiers: Anti-Aging Properties of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, #192, p.68-69

Neustaedter, Randall, OMD
Smallpox Vaccine: Does It Work?, #235, p.122-27

Newberry, Peter, MD
Atrial Fibrillation (letter), #190, p.76

Newell, John A.
Unjust Medical License Revocations (letter), #216, p.100

Nick, Gina L., PhD, ND
Addressing Human Exposure to Environmental Toxins with Chlorella pyrenoidosa, #237, p.28-32
An Apple a Day Keeps…Lung Cancer at Bay?, #234, p.132-33
Assessing Individual Susceptibility to Endocrine Disruption Caused by the Ingestion of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Part 1, #245, p.116-17
The Capsicum Fruit, #227, p.128-33
Chemoprevention and the Crucifers, #217, p.72-76
Chlorophyll-Rich Foods and Wheat Germ: Preventing Neonatal Intracranial Hemorrhage, Spontaneous Abortion and Miscarriage in At-Risk Women, #222, p.60-64
Consuming Whole Foods in their Raw, Uncooked State: A Personal Interview with Raw Food Nutrition Expert, David Wolfe, #240, p.50-52
Creatine Phosphate Complex and Creatine Serum, #235, p.160-65
Dietary Restriction: A Fundamental Key to Supporting Detoxification and Ensuring Health and Longevity, #232, p.56-60
The Effects of Living, Whole Foods on Women with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, #231, p.124-25
Enhancing the Effects of Folate with Whole Foods that Prevent Colon Cancer and Maintain Intestinal Integrity, #239, p.46-50
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Cardioprotection and Whole Foods, #223, p.47-52
How Vital Nutrients Function Together to Improve Health, #238, p.134-38
Impact of Glutamine-Rich Foods on Immune Function, #225, p.148-54
Stress-Related Eating and Metabolic Syndrome: An Important Cause of Obesity among Women, #233, p.50-52
Supporting Our Children’s Physical and Mental Health with Whole Foods, #241, p.163-65
Whole Food Nutrition and Neurodegenerative Disorders, #244, p.52-54+
Whole Food Nutrition for ADHD, #243, p.60-63
Whole Food Nutrition for Depression, Anxiety, and Mood: Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress, #221, p.38-40
Whole Food Protection from Age-Related Cognitive and Neurodegenerative Disorders, #228, p.144-47
Whole Food Protection: Regulating Insulin Levels and Preventing Atherosclerosis, #229, p.42-45

Nicolson, Prof. Garth L.
Chronic Fatigue, Aging, Mitochondrial Function and Nutritional Supplements, #240, p.72-75
Protection from Bioterror and Biological Warfare Agents, #221, p.62-67

Nicolson, Prof. Garth L. and Ngwenya, Dr. Richard
Dietary Considerations for Patients with Chronic Illnesses and Multiple Chronic Infections, #219, p.62-65

Nissen, Thomas
Environmental Toxicity: An Alternative Way of Assessing Heavy Metals (letter), #245, p.98-99

Noble, Rudolf E., MD, PhD
Lysozyme Activity of Red vs. Green Grapes (letter), #229, p.142

Nordstrom, Darick
NICO (Bone Cavitations of the Jaw) (letter), #203, p.116

Null, Gary, PhD
AIDS: A Second Opinion - Part 1, #203, p.58-64
AIDS: A Second Opinion - Part 2, #204, p.82-90
Gary Null Responds (letter), #191, p.80+
The Good News About AIDS and HIV Patients Speak Out, #186, p.18-22
Nursing Home Study, #196, p.36-37
Sugar, Sweet Suicide – Part I, #240, p.86-90
Sugar, Sweet Suicide – Part II, #241, p.86-93

Null, Gary, PhD and Feldman, Martin, MD
The Fluoride Controversy Continues: An Update - Part 1, #233, p.58-62
The Fluoride Controversy Continues: An Update - Part 2, #234, p.72-78
The Fluoride Controversy Continues: An Update - Part 3, #235, p.117-21
Vaccination: An Analysis of the Health Risks – Part I, #243, p. 90-96
Vaccination: An Analysis of the Health Risks – Part II, #244, p.94-99
Vaccination: An Analysis of the Health Risks – Part III, #245, p.78-85

Null, Gary, PhD; Rasio, Debora, MD; Feldman, Martin, MD
Women's Health Risks Associated with Orthodox Medicine - Part 1, #222, p.80-85
Women's Health Risks Associated with Orthodox Medicine - Part 2, #223, p.107-10
Women's Health Risks Associated with Orthodox Medicine - Part 3, #225, p.93-96

O'Brien, Chris
Alkylglycerols: Mysterious Immune Stimulators From the Deep, #213, p.84-86

O'Connor, Susan
Abnormal Gastric Motility (letter), #233, p.117

Odell, Dr. Stephen, DDS, NMD
Cell Wall Deficient Forms and Their Association with Root Canaled Teeth and Cavitational Osteonecrosis (letter), #187, p.116-17+

Odell, James, OMD, ND
Vaccines - What's in the Next Cauldron? (letter), #222, p.113-15

Olarsch, I.G., ND
Research on Edgar Cayce Cancer Work Appreciated (letter), #195, p.104

Olarsch, I. Gerald, ND and Stockton, Susan, MA
Why Are Kids Killing? The Nutrition-Mind Connection, #201, p.108-11

Parslow, Kathy
Interview with Elizabeth Baker, #229, p.75-78

Paterson, Erik T., MB, ChB
Vitamin B3 and Liver Toxicity, #213, p.22

Patrick, Lyn, ND
Nutrients and HIV: N-Acetylcysteine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, L-Glutamine, and L-Carnitine, #225, p.60-62+

Paul, Stephen M., PhD
Take a Hint From Those With Lactose Intolerance: Limit Problem Foods from Your Diet, #229, p.19

Payne, Anthony G., NMD, PhD
The Green Lung: The Maybe Miracle for Some Lung Disease (letter), #197, p.115
Living Longer, Yes! But Living Well? (Simple measures that will help keep you healthy), #241, p.94-98
Treating Congestive Heart Failure: Naturopathic Protocols (letter), #187, p.114-15+

Payne, Anthony G., NMD, PhD, MD (hon)
The Revised Metabolic Oncolytic Regimen for Effecting Lysis in Solid Tumors, #217, p.78-85

Peat, Raymond
Progesterone Content Corrected (letter), #203, p.106

Pepino, Ralph
Learning From Our Elders (letter), #233, p.111

Perlmutter, David, MD
Alzheimer's Disease - A Functional Approach, #228, p.56-62
Multiple Sclerosis – Functional Approaches, #244, p.66-74
New Advances in Parkinson's Disease, #216, p.52-57
New Hope in Post-Polio Syndrome, #197, p.106-08

Petersen, Inez
Mycoplasma and CFS (letter), #187, p.121

Pettit, Janet
Von Recklinghausen Disease (letter), #240, p.111

Pizzorno, Joseph E., Jr., ND
The Best, and Worst, of Natural and Alternative Medicine, #199, p.20-21

Plechner, Alfred J., DVM
Chaos in the Cortex, #237, p.58-61
Chaos in the Cortex: Adrenal-Immune Disturbance in Pets May Offer Insights for Immune Deficiency Disorders in Humans (letter), #239, p.122-23+
Unsuspected Adrenal-Immune Disturbances in Pets May Explain Vaccination Failures and Adverse Reactions in Humans, #244, p.100-103

Plummer, Dr. Nigel; Quilt, Dr. Peter; Crockett, Catherine
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and other Prebiotics, #239, p.89-97

Plummer, Nigel, PhD and Wood, Cathryn, BA
The Neonatal Immune System and Risk of Allergy - A Delicate Balancing Act, Positively Influenced by Probiotics and Fatty Acids, #223, p.94-98

Pocock, Robert
Kildare Councilors Reveal Alarmingly High Fluoride Intake (letter), #226, p.109

Poleszynski, Dag Viljen, dr. philos.
Correction Notice: Vitamin C Is Allowed in Norway (letter), #203, p.115

Pope, Alexandra
Please List Non-"800" Number for Australian Readers (letter), #186, p.117

Positive Futures Network
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures, #207, p.113

Potter, Gordon E., MD
Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation: Clinical Results (letter), #213, p.114
Ultraviolet Photo-Oxidation in Treatment of AIDS (letter), #203, p.120

Pouls, Maile, PhD
Oral Chelation and Nutritional Replacement Therapy for Chemical & Heavy Metal Toxicity and Cardiovascular Disease, #192, p.82-91

Prince, Jack, DDS
Mad Cow Disease, A Case Report Overview of Homeopathic Diagnosis by EAV (Electroacupuncture by Voll), #219, p.44-46

Prousky, Jonathan E., ND and Seely, Dugald, BSc, ND
Follow-up Report on the Use of Inositol Hexaniacinate for the Treatment of Achlorhydria: Is a Vitamin B-3 Dependency the Cause of this Patient's Gastrointestinal Symptoms?, #238, p.70-71

Prousky, Jonathan E., ND and Seely, Dugald, BSc, ND (candidate)
A Case Report on the Successful Use of Inositol Hexaniacinate for the Treatment of Achlorhydria: Its Possible Mechanism of Action Upon the Central Nervous System and Parietal Cell-Adenosine Triphosphate-Dependent K+/H+ Pump, #235, p.72-5


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