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Quig, David W., PhD and Bass, Dean, PhD
Chromium Status and Health: Accurate and Precise Analysis Using High Resolution ICP-MS, #245, p.58-61

Raible, Hans
Dupuytren's Contracture--Another Hypothesis, #190, p.76-77
Natural Answers to Hemochromatosis (letter), #215, p.122-24

Railey, Karen J., CNC
The Myths of Vegetarianism (letter), #207, p.93

Rakow, Madeline, PhD Candidate
Heavy Metals Relationship to Behavioral Disorders (letter), #232, p.131

Rangwani, Shanti B., MBBS
Tackling the Chronic Candida Syndrome, Naturally (letter), #216, p.101+

Ranheim, Philip D., MD
Justice in the Workplace and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (ed), #210, p.120-21

Rasmussen, William
Rocky Mountain Flu/Fungus (letter), #204, p.124

Ray, Timothy, OMD, L.Ac
A Child's Inheritance: The Modern Miasm Identification and Treatment Strategy, #223, p.90-93
The Mitigation of Methyl Mercury Vapor Inhalation and Exhalation in People with Dental Amalgam Fillings, #232, p.86-88

Redemske, Sandra
Colostrum May Trigger Hyperthyroid Storm (letter), #191, p.87

Rehm, Donald
Stop Toenail Fungus (letter), #186, p.114+
The Truth About Nearsightedness (letter), #187, p.112-14

Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth, ND
Response from Dr. Ullman (letter), #199, p.103

Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth, ND and Ullman, Robert, ND
The ADHD Pressure Cooker - Kids, Teachers, Parents, and Doctors, All Feel the Heat, #205, p.144-47
An Adolescent with PANDAS, #225, p.50+
All in the Family: Two Fascinating Children and How Homeopathy Changed Their Lives, #201, p.28-30
Analyzing Homeopathic Cases Effectively, #199, p.148-51
The Art of Homeopathic Casetaking, #228, p.148-50
The Best of Homeopathy Learning Directly from a Master, #235, p.56-61
The Bowen Technique: The Homeopathy of Bodywork, #208, p.40-41
A Case of Airplane Phobia, #233, p.40-41+
The Case of Challenging Adolescent with Failing Grades, #234, p.122-23+
A Case of School Phobia and Recurrent Stomach Flu, #215, p.44+
A Cold-Hearted Kid, #192, p.52+
A Compassionate Woman Who Cared Too Much, #190, p.26+
Dispelling Myths About Homeopathic Treatment, #237, p.125-27
Dramatic Cure for Depression: A Case of Red-tailed Hawk, #238, p.46-49
Everything in Its Place - The Torment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, #195, p.132-35
The Evolution of a Longterm Case, #229, p.169+
An Extreme Child, #186, p.86+
Graduating from Homeopathic Treatment: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Following Dental Amalgam Removal, #210, p.34-37
The Healing Power of Homeopathic Animal Medicines - Part 1: From Dog's Milk to the Saliva of a Rabid Dog, #219, p.136-38
The Healing Power of Homeopathic Animal Medicines - Part 2: Barnyard Animals Used as Homeopathic Medicines: Lac Equinum (Mare's Milk), #220, p.24-25
Hereditary Homeopathy, #207, p.46-47
Homeopathic Animal Medicines: Part 3, #223, p.54-57
Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer General Considerations, #217, p.163-65
The Homeopathic Treatment of Mastitis, #227, p.134-36
Homeopathy as an Effective Alternative to Antibiotics, #203, p.28-30+
Homeopathy for Hot Flashes - A Highly Effective Alternative, #232, p.43-44+
Homeopathy, Healing, and Enlightenment, #202, p.129-31
Homeopathy: A Highly Effective Alternative to Antidepressants, #213, p.30-31+
Homeopathy: Highly Effective for Hay Fever, #214, p.58-61
Homeopathy: The Safest Medicine for Pregnancy and Labor, #222, p.26-29
A Matter of Life and Death, #209, p.39-40
Our Vision for the Millennium: A Thriving Homeopathic Profession, #197, p.50-52
Out on a Limb: Cases We Never Would Have Gotten Without the 'New" Homeopathic Thinking, #226, p.130-34
A Perfectionist Child with ADD: A Picture of Carcinosin, #241, p.162+
Please, Doctor, I Need Your Help! A Woman with Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, and a Number of Other Diagnoses, #189, p.42-43+
Quirky, Out of Proportion, and Over the Top, #195, p.110-11
Reviving Essie - How to Graduate From Hospice with the Help of Homeopathy, #196, p.38-40
A Sensitive Medicine for a Sensitive Woman, #191, p.54+
Six Indispensable Medicines for Post-Attack PTSD, #221, p.45-46
A Spidery Kind of Kid, #211, p.150-53
A Sweet Homeopathic Remedy for Adopted Kids, #239, p.152+
Think Homeopathy for Sports Injuries, #240, p.61-65
Two Children Who Just Couldn't Get It, #187, p.52+
Using Homeopathy with Conventional Medications, #216, p.30-33
The Value of Families in Homeopathy, #231, p.126-27
Women and Homeopathy: A Marriage of Similars, #198, p.40-42
Your Homeopathic Kit - Essential Equipment for Outdoor Adventure, #204, p.42-51

Reilly, Paul, ND, L Ac
Dr. Labriola's Editorial on Antioxidants and Chemotherapy (letter), #199, p.90+

Reinhardt, Jeffrey H., MSc
'Staking a Claim to Good Health' - An Update on FDA's Agenda to Control Dietary Supplements, #231, p.90+

Reinhart, Mary H.
Cellular Detox as an Anti-Aging Strategy (letter), #197, p.116

Reuben, Carolyn, L.Ac
Other Kinesiology Techniques Effective (letter), #231, p.89

Rimland, Bernard, PhD and Pangborn, Jon, PhD, ChE
Autism Is Treatable: An Open Letter to the FDA (ed), #243, p.150-51

Rittinghausen, Reiner, MD
Natural Treatment for Otitis Media, #208, p.98-100

Rizov, Vladimir, MD
Acoustic Neuroma (letter), #207, p.100

Roberts, H.J., MD
Aspartame (NutraSweet) Addiction, #198, p.52-57
Aspartame-Induced Dyspnea and Pulmonary Hypertension, #234, p.64-65
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Due to Aspartame Disease, #208, p.82-84
The Ongoing Arsenic Enigma (letter), #219, p.96
The Origin of the Atkins Diet (letter), #240, p.100
Peppermint for IBS May Cause Adverse Effects (letter), #217, p.122
A Perspective on Ciprofloxacin (letter), #225, p.118
Pseudotumor cerebri Due to Aspartame Disease, #227, p.66-68
Reply and Commentary to the Nutrasweet Company's Senior Medical Consultant (letter), #219, p.93-94+
Response to the Assessment by the Alzheimer's Association Concerning Research and Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease (letter), #214, p.111+
Unrecognized Aspartame Disease in Silicone Breast Implant Patients, #190, p.74-75
When Herbal Medicine Turns Nasty (letter), #243, p.140

Roberts, Melina A., BSc
A Critique of the Kelley Nutritional-Metabolic Cancer Program, #239, p.76-84

Rochlitz, Steven, PhD
Breakthroughs for Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Allergic Disorders, Candidiasis, Parasites and Permeability, #214, p.94-97
Correction Notice, #228, p.108
A Missing Link to Chronic Illness, Allergies and Longevity? Vagus Nerve Imbalance/Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, #241, p.120-25
On "Allergy Elimination" and So-Called Permanent Kinesiological "Cures" Towards a Science of Kinesiology, #228, p.84-87

Rogers, Sherry A., MD
A Simple Treatment for Flu (letter), #244, p.118+

Ronzio, Robert A., PhD
Aging decreases the antioxidant protection in the lens of the eye, #192, p.50
Antimicrobial properties in honey are due to phenolic acids in addition to flavonoids, #195, p.42
Antioxidant properties of bilberry may account for its ophthalmic and vasoprotective actions, #192, p.50
Antioxidant supplements can counteract effects of air pollution on the lung, #190, p.28
Antioxidants protect cyclists from ozone, #196, p.47
Borderline vitamin B12 deficiency is common among elderly people, #189, p.31
Botanical antioxidants may counter the toxicity of certain chemotherapeutic agents, #191, p.50
Children with rheumatoid arthritis experience increased oxidative stress, #193, p.39
Coenzyme Q10 can improve antibody titers, #197, p.40
Coenzyme Q10 supplementation increases cellular vitamin E, #197, p.41
A Combination of sulfur antioxidants and zinc may regulate viral infection, #197, p.41
Common phenolic acids in food are absorbed by the intestine and are readily bioavailable, #195, p.42
Culinary spices can inhibit several food-borne pathogens, #191, p.50
Current trends in nutraceuticals, #190, p.30
Diabetic patients may not consume enough carotenoids, #190, p.30
Diabetics may not recycle vitamin C (ascorbic acid) effectively, #190, p.28
Diets enriched in beta carotene are linked to a decreased prevalence of arterial plaque formation, #187, p.42
Do high levels of antioxidant enzymes signal an increased risk for cataract and macular degeneration?, #192, p.51
Does detoxification increase oxidative stress?, #196, p.47
Does vitamin E promote intestinal integrity during strenuous exercise?, #196, p.46
Elderly diabetic patients may need more antioxidants, #189, p.30
Elderly people may not get enough Vitamin B12, #190, p.30
Extra chromium may help people with adult onset diabetes, #189, p.30
Extra micronutrients can help normalize blood sugar, #189, p.30
Flavonoids in tea and onions protect immune cells against free radicals, #190, p.29
Focus: Potential physiologic roles of simple phenolic ingredients found in foods, #195, p.42
Folate and vitamin B6 consumption above the RDAs lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease in women, #186, p.82
Folate deficiency induces DNA breakage in a gene responsible for suppressing the development of tumors, #187, p.42
Folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 may reverse the progression of atherosclerosis, #186, p.83
Food consumption can increase oxidative stress in people with adult onset diabetes, #190, p.28
Fortification of cereal with folic acid at levels greater than the RDA effectively lowers homocysteine in patients with heart disease, #186, p.84
Free radical damage is linked to the development of type (juvenile) diabetes, #193, p.38
Gamma oryzanol inhibits chemically-induced tumors in mouse skin, #195, p.43
Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and manganese for knee osteoarthritis, #196, p.47
An increased serum copper/zinc ratio is associated with oxidative stress in aging and age-related degenerative diseases, #187, p.44
Increased vitamin E status may lower the risk of cataracts, #192, p.50
Ingested polyphenols alter gut bacteria to decrease the colonic production of mutagens, #195, p.42
Lack of improvement in resistance training with gamma oryzanol supplementation, #195, p.43
Large amounts of lipoic acid improved eye health in diabetic animals, #190, p.30
Lens vitamin C levels decrease with the increased severity of cataracts, #192, p.51
Less than one-third of premenopausal women consume supplemental folate regularly, #186, p.84
Lifestyle change and decreased risk of infections are keys to increased longevity of diabetic patients, #189, p.32
Lipoic acid can limit oxidative damage to sensory nerves due to arterial ischemia-reperfusion, #196, p.47
Low serum vitamin E and zinc levels suggest an increased risk of macular degeneration, #192, p.50
Low vitamin A status reduces natural killer cell activity, #197, p.41
Lutein, but not lycopene, can interfere with the uptake of beta carotene and decrease its conversion to vitamin A, #187, p.42
Markers of oxidative stress increase in rheumatoid arthritis, while some antioxidant defenses decrease, #193, p.38
Microwave cooking can inactivate vitamin B12 in foods, #186, p.83
Modest supplementation with trace minerals and antioxidants significantly improves immune function in elderly patients, #197, p.40
Modest supplementation with vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 do not reduce oxidative stress induced by exhaustive exercise, #196, p.46
Monounsaturates as olive oil may help muscle resist oxidative stress of exercise more than polyunsaturated oils, #187, p.43
N-3 fatty acids may increase fat breakdown, thus increasing the clearance of serum triglycerides and improving lipoprotein metabolism, #187, p.44
Neglected native grains are potential global food sources, #186, p.84
Nitric oxide is further implicated in multiple sclerosis, #193, p.38
Nitric oxide-related damage is associated with multiple sclerosis and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, #193, p.38
No association between macular degeneration and dietary antioxidants?, #192, p.51
Olive oil may benefit diabetic patients, #189, p.32
Organic acids of fruits and vegetables may limit the bioavailability of folate in foods, #187, p.44
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis may not consume enough antioxidants, B vitamins and calcium, #193, p.39
Pau d'arco may induce differentiation in de-differentiated cells, #191, p.51
Polyphenols can regulate toxin-processing enzymes of the liver, #195, p.42
Proanthocyanidins can block nitric oxide (NO) production in activated macrophages in vitro, #193, p.39
Proteolytic enzymes increase nonspecific uptake by gut epithelial cells, #196, p.47
Selenium and copper may be low in diabetic patients, #190, p.29
Simple dietary polyphenols inhibit tumor promotion in animals, #195, p.42
Simple phenolics neutralize peroxynitrite, the cytotoxic chemical formed by the free radicals superoxide and nitric oxide, #195, p.43
Strenuous aerobic exercise increases LDL susceptibility to oxidation long after a marathon, #196, p.46
Successful influenza vaccination of frail, elderly people depends upon their nutritional status, #197, p.40
Sulfite, a common food preservative, can be converted to free radicals in the intestine, #197, p.41
Supplemental riboflavin can correct imbalanced liver metabolism, #189, p.32
A variety of herbs and spices possess estrogen-like and progesterone-like properties, #191, p.50
Vitamin B6 supplementation may promote coenzyme Q10 production, #197, p.40
Vitamin C and glutathione may protect coenzyme Q and vitamin E, the "ultimate" antioxidants of the heart, #186, p.82
Vitamin C may reduce the risk of cataract development, #192, p.51
Vitamin C with citrus can lower elevated serum lipids, reduce lipid peroxidation and decrease atherosclerosis in hamsters, #186, p.82
Vitamin E decreased eye damage due to cigarette smoke, #192, p.51
Vitamin E may decrease pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, #193, p.39
What is the long term impact of genetically modified crops?, #191, p.51

Rosenbaum, Michael, MD
Nutritional Immune Modulation Therapies for CFIDS – Part I, #241, p.115-16
Nutritional Immune Modulation Therapies for CFIDS – Part II, #243, p.124-25
Nutritional Immune Modulation Therapies for CFIDS – Part III, #244, p.113-14

Ross, David M., LCSW
Prostate Cancer: Crisis and Transformation, #239, p.72-75

Ross, Julia
Marijuana as Medicine (letter), #211, p.93

Roswell, Marjorie
Cancer Prevention Coalition, #239, p.143
Chemical Body Burden – Part I, #245, p.140
PCRM Healthy School Lunch Campaign, #239, p.143
Sites Which Discourage/Encourage Vaccination, #235, p.37-8
Web Page Potpourri, #232, p.45
Web Page Potpourri, #234, p.42
Web Page Potpourri, #240, p.139
Web Page Potpourri, #241, p.168
Web Page Potpourri, #243, p.166
Web Page Potpourri, #244, p.139+
Rothschild, Peter R., MD, PhD
Complementary Treatment of Chronic Digestive Disorders with Malabsorption Syndrome Using HSOs, #237, p.71-74

Rowen, Robert Jay, MD
Artemisinin and Oxidative Therapies (letter), #237, p.104
Artemisinin: From Malaria to Cancer Treatment, #233, p.86-88
Kristal and Wolcott Metabolic Typing Effective (letter), #191, p.88

Rubin, Daniel, ND
Natural Products Reduce Plasma VEGF in Cancer Patients (letter), #231, p.91
Study Maligning Vitamin C Flawed (letter), #219, p.104

Rubin, Jordan, NMD, CNC
Attacking the Seven Causes of Inflammation, #235, p.111-14

Rubin, Paul G., DDS
FDA Reconsiders Safety and Effectiveness of Dental Amalgam (letter), #234, p.88

Russell, Don R., DO
Medical Fees Compared to Take-Out Pizza (letter), #229, p.137+

Ryan, Mary, MSc, PhD
Report on the Efficacy of the Gentle Wind Healing Instruments (letter), #239, p.131

Saenz, Amanda M. and Meehan, Chris
Prostate Cancer Patient Advocate Dies at 79, #186, p.140

Sage, Donna
Haelan Fermented Soy Product Nutritional Supplementation for the Cancer Patient, #195, p.80-85

Sahley, Billie Jay, PhD and Birkner, Katherine M., CRNA, PhD
Alcoholism and Its Treatment, #216, p.62-67

Salanda, Rachel Fresco, L.Ac
The Anti-Pathogenic Arsenal: Winning the War Against Infectious Diseases with Botanical Medicine, #221, p.74-75

Sancier, Kenneth M., PhD
Search for Medical Applications of Qigong with the Qigong DatabaseÔ (letter), #222, p.116-17+

Sardi, Bill
Calcium Supplementation Detrimental to Long-Term Survival (letter), #234, p.84
Cure for SARS Found in Red Onions? (letter), #241, p.149
Followup on Soy Rebuttal (letter), #216, p.102+
Is High-Dose Vitamin C Risky? (letter), #213, p.112-13
The Mineral That Could Have Saved 4 Million Women (letter), #240, p.108-10
Minimum Magnesium Standard for Drinking and Bottled Water Would Save 150,000 Lives Annually, #190, p.58-60
The Perils and Pitfalls of Harmonized Food Supplements, #219, p.82-85
Re: Objections to US Draft Positions CODEX Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (letter), #235, p.137-9
Research Flawed on Vitamin C Causing DNA Damage (letter), #227, p.106
They're Taking the Joy Out of Soy, #207, p.105-08
Who Is Behind the Negative News Reports on Vitamin C? (letter), #219, p.108-09

Saul, Andrew
Better Informed Consent for Vaccinations (letter), #213, p.109

Saul, Andrew, MS, PhD
B-Informed About B-Vitamins (letter), #199, p.107-08

Savva, Savely
Biofield and a Cybernetic Model of the Organism: Suggestion for Empirical Study, #202, p.47-52
Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts, #209, p.113
Who Does the Healing?, #187, p.11

Schaefer, Al
Some Characteristics of Cancer Survivors, #195, p.70-71

Schaefer, Al, M.Ed and Majnarich, John J., PhD
The Coming Destruction of Cancer Myths, #217, p.86-91

Schaller, James L., MD
Well Water, Heavy Metal Synergy, and Impaired Child Functioning (letter), #232, p.129-31+

Schaller, James L., MD; Briggs, Ben, RPh; Briggs, Michael, PharmD
Sublingual CoQ10 in Fibromyalgia Treatment (letter), #215, p.116

Scheim, David E., PhD
Disputes Alternative Therapies Heal One Woman's Cancer (letter), #192, p.108

Scher, Jack O.
Drug Patent Abuse (letter), #225, p.118
The FDA's Irrational Exuberance (letter), #223, p.115
Medical Journals Need to Stop Exaggerating Study Results (letter), #217, p.122
Need for Unbiased Medical Reporting (letter), #228, p.113

Schmid, Ron, ND
Francis M. Pottenger, MD and "The Hazards of a Health Fetish" (letter), #237, p.105-08

Schor, Jacob, ND
Ear Candles Not Effective (letter), #226, p.103

Schorr, Andrew
A Patient's Journal with CLL [Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia], #217, p.36-40

Schuldt, Hartwig, Dr.Med.
Bio-Energetic Medicine (letter), #204, p.117
BioEnergetic Medicine (letter), #221, p.93
Bio-energetic Medicine Is Sufficiently Mature to Be Incorporated into Standard Medical Practice, #228, p.78-81
Bio-energetic Medicine is Sufficiently Mature to be Incorporated into Standard Medical Practice, #229, p.130-32
Coxsackie Virus and Myocardial Infarction (letter), #232, p.120
The Cure of Cancer Based on Bio-Energetic Analysis, #195, p.86-88
Homeopathy Best Treatment in Pregnancy (letter), #226, p.103

Schwabl, H., PhD; Stampfli, S.; Brommeli, C.
The Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of PADMA 28R/PADMA BasicR, #220, p.86-88

Scott, D
Organic Bovine Bone Meal? (letter), #203, p.118

Scott, Don
Lab to Test Omega 3/6 Levels (letter), #227, p.107

Scruggs, Ramon, MD
Cell Extracts: A Natural Approach to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, #237, p.77-81

Seeley, Gregory D., Esq.
Compounding Controversy Another Threat to CAM Providers (letter), #217, p.124

Seeley, Gregory E., Esq.
Recent Changes to Medicare Opt Out Requirements Necessitate Review of Documents, #207, p.20

Sehnert, Keith W., MD; Jacobson, Gary, DDS; Sullivan, Kip, JD
Is Mercury Toxicity an Autoimmune Disorder?, #193, p.100-03

Sehnert, Sarah
Tribute to Dr. Keith W. Sehnert by his Daughter (letter), #229, p.135

Seif, Brother Bernard, SMC, EdD, NMD
Ginkgo for Prevention of High Altitude Illness (letter), #237, p.112
Nystagmus/Liver-Wind Affecting the Eyes: A Case History, #239, p.107-09
Shingles East and West: A Case Conference with the Doctor as Patient, #244, p.85-88

Seltzer, Ondre
A Healer's Perspective, #221, p.81-83

Sempell, Pennie, JD, CMT
Integrating the Ancient Healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Physio-Philosophy, with Modern Medical Care, #202, p.40-42

Seroy, Skip
Response to JAMA HCA Report (letter), #187, p.120-21

Sever, Kenneth T.
Help Requested to Quit Smoking (letter), #226, p.103

Sharan, Robin
Healing is Real in the Middle of the Israeli Desert (letter), #237, p.98-99

Shaul, Stacy Astor, MA
Gluten Intolerance: A Paradigm of an Epidemic, #233, p.80-84

Shaw, George Bernard
George Bernard Shaw on Vaccine Voice from the Past, #197, p.84

Shayne, Vic, PhD
Symptoms of Cold and Flu, or Toxic Poisoning? (letter), #187, p.124-26

Sherman, Janette D., MD
Cecilia: A Reminder of the Precautionary Principle (letter), #210, p.112

Shorey, Ananda
Inmates Defend Acupuncture Treatment of Drug Abuse, #216, p.81

Showler, Linda, ND
Three Common Toxin Miasms: Ergot, Botulism & Rhus Cases and Discussions, #195, p.112-14
Two Cases of Asthma, #234, p.56-62

Simontacchi, Carol, CCN, MS
Weight Management as a Holistic Syndrome, #189, p.66-69

Singer, Judy and Bone, Kerry
Herbal Support for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, #221, p.54-61

Slagel, Kirk R., NMD, M.Ed
Pleo Muc Eye Drops: A Product Worthy of a Second Look, #231, p.68-69
SANUM Therapy: Puzzling Medicine Putting the Pieces Together, #225, p.72-74

Smith, A. Robert
Patient Beware Allopathic vs. Alternative, #205, p.44-48

Smith, Katherine, DHS
Input Requested for Treatment of Children with Cancer (letter), #216, p.103

Smith, Lendon H., MD with Joseph G. Hattersley, MA
Victory Over Crib Death (SIDS: Sudden Infant Death "Syndrome"), #205, p.50-54+

Smith, Steven A., MD
Lecture to General Session American Osteopathic College of Dermatology - Mid-Year Meeting, March 2002, #238, p.88-91

Snyder, Donald G., PhD
Protein Fundamentals - Part 3: Quality Determinants, #187, p.95-96
Protein Fundamentals - Part 4: Dietary Protein Requirements - Principles Involved and Recommended Daily Allowances,
#189, p.71-72

Sobel, Henry, H, ND
Barnes' Paper Appreciated (letter), #195, p.105

Solomon, Herbert A., OD
Gulf War, Chronic Fatigue, and the Miotic Syndromes, #231, p.70-72

Solorzano, Carlos A., MD
Antidiuretic Hormone for Bedwetting (letter), #201, p.104

Son, Dr. John D., NMD
Mechanism of Action of Chelation (letter), #237, p.97

Sosin, Allan E., MD
Beating Chemotherapy-Induced Immune Suppression, #228, p.94+

Sosonkin, Isaac, PhD
Are Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Pans Carcinogenic? (letter), #195, p.104

Spence, Judith, RN
The EISC's Environmentally Induced (EI) Homelessness Project (letter), #215, p.119

Staley, Ann
Ewing's Sarcoma (letter), #225, p.127

Steele, Jane
New AHRQ Report on Milk Thistle and its Effects on Liver Disease (letter), #215, p.112

Steenblock, David A., MS, DO
Insulin-Induced Hypoglycemia: A Treatment for Terminal Cancer? (letter), #192, p.106-07
New Theory Proposed on Autism Treatment (letter), #201, p.96-97
Synergistic Therapies for Maximizing Brain Injury Rehabilitation, #196, p.42-45

Stengler, Mark, ND
Maitake, #237, p.66-68

Stockton, Susan, MA
Correction Notice: Jawbone Cavitations, #226, p.111
Jawbone Cavitations: Infarction, Infection & Systemic Disease, #225, p.102-05

Stoddard, Darrell J.
Most Breast Cancer Can Now Be Prevented! (letter), #195, p.105-07

Stoff, Jesse A., MD
An Examination of Immune Response Modulation in Humans by Antigen Infused Dialyzable Bovine Colostrum/Whey Extract Utilizing a Double Blind Study, #225, p.80-84
Immune Modulation, #237, p.89-92
Immune Modulation - Maintain or Regain Good Health Through Our Own Immune Function, #238, p.111-14
The Use of Biomune OSF Express for Otitis Media, #201, p.64-67

Stoll, Alexander
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Review Criticized (letter), #209, p.102

Stoller, Kenneth P., MD and Wrinkles, Audrey
Sacred Cow/Mad Cow (letter), #219, p.105-06

Stone, Thomas L., MD
Open Letter to Pediatricians on Flu Vaccines (letter), #189, p.104-05

Stone, Tom
European Breakthrough in Allergy Therapy, #214, p.90-92

Stradford, Dan
In Memory of My Father, #231, p.20
Study Group for AIDS Therapy
AIDS Defining Illnesses, Their Causes and Treatment (letter), #225, p.119-20+

Sturgeon, Bill
Are Your Fillings Making You Sick? (letter), #197, p.118+

Suarez, Marcelo, MD; Ku, Prof. Seung-Yup, MD; Marinescu, Gabriela, BS
Biometric Analysis of Controlled Clinical Study for Sleep Formulation on Multiple Parameters of Aging-related Dysfunctions, #240, p.78-82+

Suen, Raymond M., MT and Gordon, Shalima, ND
A Critical Review of IgG Immunoglobulins and Food Allergy – Implications in Systemic Health, #241, p.134-38

Sullivan, Charles, DO
Women's Iron Stores Contribute to Heart Disease (letter), #208, p.109

Susser, Murray, MD and Campbell, Candace
Federation of State Medical Boards Regulation of CAM (letter), #229, p.145-47

Swanson, Murray A.
D-Mannose for Urinary Tract Infection (letter), #239, p.133


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