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Takaharu, Araki
Does Eating Soy Promote Cognitive Decline? (letter), #211, p.89

Takemoto, Sir Arnold
Six Case Histories of Cancer, #195, p.64-66

Tamari, George M., PhD
Aluminum - Toxicity and Prevention, #187, p.98-100

Tapert, Richard E., DO
Sudden Restoration of Hearing by Heparin Injection (letter), #191, p.89+

Taylor, Leslie
Herbal Secrets of the Rainforest (letter), #189, p.100-02+

Tazaki, Hiroshi, MD, PhD; Konno, Sensuke, PhD; Fullerton, Sean, MD; Samadi, Albert, MD; Tortorelis, Dean, MD; Mallouth, Camille, MD
Apoptosis in Prostatic Cancer Cells with Maitake D-fraction Extract: Potential Alternative Therapy, #217, p.100

Teitelbaum, Jacob, MD
Adrenal Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue Diagnosis, #243, p.164-65
Highly Effective Treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Results of a Placebo Controlled Study and How to Apply the Protocol, #231, p.48-53
Highly Effective Treatments for Pain and Fatigue, #234, p.126-27
How to Safely & Effectively Use Adrenal Hormones and Glandulars, #245, p.118-20
The Importance of Nutrition in Fatigue and Pain Part 3 - Jump-Starting Your Body's Energy Furnaces, #238, p.130-32
The Importance of Nutrition in Fatigue and Pain Part 4 - Enzymes and How to Get Off Prescription Antacids Naturally!, #239, p.148-49
Nutritional Support: Part 1, #235, p.54-5
Part 2 – Protocols for Treating an Under Active Thyroid – Despite Normal Blood Tests, #241, p.174-75
Protocol for Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia (letter), #203, p.121
Simplifying Nutritional Support in CFS/Fibromyalgia, #237, p.34-35
Treating Adrenal Insufficiency Naturally, #244, p.141-42
Treating Hormonal Deficiencies in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Part I, #240, p.134-35

Telleen, Carl L., DVM
Difficulties Experienced in Convincing MD's of Alternative Diagnoses (letter), #193, p.139

Thibodeau, Alain, PhD and Behr, Stephen, PhD
Liquid Cartilage Extract Decreases Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, #226, p.59-62

Thibodeau, Alain, PhD and Bilodeau, Diane, PhD
Angiogenesis and P-glycoprotein: Their Roles in Cancer, #227, p.97-101

Thiel, Robert J., PhD, ND
Bioelectrical Stimulation for People with Patterns Consistent with Certain Chronic Infections, #203, p.65-67
Musculoskeletal Pain Relief for People with Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia (letter), #193, p.136-38
Natural Interventions for People with Fibromyalgia, #208, p.66-67
Nutrition-Based Interventions for Attention-Deficit Disorder and Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, #201, p.93-95

Thill, John
Reducing the Toxic Effects of Chemotherapy New Research Reports a Significant Decrease in Chemo Toxicity with a Natural, Ayurvedic Herbal Formula, #205, p.134-38

Thomas, Phil
The Cayce Cure for Cancer Animated and Carbon Ash, #190, p.68-72

Thompson, Donald C., DPh, MD
Mosquito, Mosquito Go Away! (letter), #190, p.81

Till, Mike
Recent Media Story Linking Vitamin C "Pills" with "Clogged" Arteries (letter), #203, p.105

Tomsho, Robert
A Trail of Complaints Slows But Can't Stop Nursing-Home Mogul, #196, p.32-34

Townsend, Gordon L., DC
Sternal-Costal (SC) and Vertebro-Costal (VC) Syndrome -A Typical Case History (letter), #216, p.96

Trowbridge, John, MD
Help for Brown Recluse Spiders (letter), #199, p.108

Ullman, Dana, MPH
Arthritis and Its Homeopathic Treatment, #240, p.117-18
Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions on Homeopathic Medicine, #195, p.20-21
What Skeptics Say About Homeopathy and How to Respond to Them, #195, p.124-28

Ullman, Robert, ND and Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth, ND
A Case of School Phobia, #243, p.58+
How Do You Know If Homeopathy Is for You? Ten Questions to Ask Yourself to See If It Is a Good Match, #244, p.143
Treating Psychiatric Patients in Your Homeopathic Practice, #245, p.122-26

Ullmann, Ronald
A Modern Scientific Perspective on Prof. Dr. Enderlein's Concept of Microbial Life Cycles, #238, p.72-79

Upadhyay, Rajendra Prakash, MSc, PhD
Need of Frequent Repetition of the Remedy in High Potency in Chronic Cases with Causal Hypothesis, #235, p.80-4

US General Accounting Office
Pesticides, EPA's Efforts to Collect and Take Action on Exposure Incidence Data, #225, p.135

Valentine, Tom
Harmony Blanket Employs Electric Not Electromagnetic Fields (letter), #202, p.118-19
Nyvatex Health Mat to be Studied (letter), #211, p.94-96

Van Overloop, Ed
Rife/Bare Ray Generator Patient Outcomes (letter), #196, p.118

Varona, Verne
Eat Right For Your Social Security Number (letter), #239, p.125

Velicheti, Rama K., PhD; Catanzaro, John A., ND; Suen, Raymond M., MT
Physiology and Clinical Relevance of Salivary Adrenal Steroids (Cortisol, DHEA & DHEAS), #193, p.68-74

VERIS Research Information Service
Summary Finds Superiority of Natural Vitamin E Supplements Over Synthetic Forms, #192, p.100-105

Vitale, Joseph J., ScD, MD and Larson, David M., PhD
ABVA-1, Purified Phosphatidylcholine, and Immune Function, #225, p.52-55

Vojdani, Aristo, PhD, MT
The Role of Periodontal Disease and Other Infections in the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis and Systemic Diseases, #209, p.52-56

Vojdani, Aristo; Ghoneum, Mamdooh; Choppa, Paul
Minimizing Cancer Risk Using Molecular Techniques: A Review - Part 1, #195, p.46-52
Minimizing Cancer Risk Using Molecular Techniques: A Review - Part 2, #196, p.97-102
Minimizing Cancer Risk Using Molecular Techniques: A Review - Part 3, #197, p.97-101

Voyvodic, Blair, MD
Gesundheit! Institute Bringing Fun, Friendship and the Joy of Service Back into Health Care! (letter), #195, p.108

Walker, Mary
Galvanic Shock from Dental Procedure (letter), #189, p.99+

Walker, Morton, DPM
American Biologics Conducts Its Elegant 2001 Conference in Malta, #219, p.30-34
American Biologics' 12th International Integrative Medicine Symposium Takes Place in Lisbon, Portugal, #207, p.48-55
American Biologics' 14th International Symposium, #225, p.26
The American Biologics' 14th International Symposium on "Integrative Medicine" 2002 Takes Place in Rhodes, Greece, #231, p.134-38
The American Biologics' Forthcoming 13th International Integrative Medicine Symposium 2001 Will Take Place in Malta with a
Post-Conference Excursion to Tunisia, #211, p.56
Angiogenesis Inhibition Derived from Bindweed Herbal Extract, #226, p.85-88
Anticancer Therapy Administered at Tijuana's International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center, #199, p.70-78
The Beneficial Applications of Low Level Laser Therapy, #232, p.94-100
Biological Testing & Detoxification of Illnesses in the Central & Enteral Nervous Systems, #238, p.92-96
Botanical Solutions for Effective Patient Care, #222, p.86-92
Bovine Colostrum Offers Broad-Spectrum Benefits for Wide-Ranging Ailments, #189, p.74-80
Cancer Remission Rates Increase from Use of the Safe and Effective Lipoic Acid Palladium Complex Ply-MVA, #235, p.92-6
Carnivora Capsules Newly Arrived in the USA, #193, p.126
Cavitational Causes of Jaw Bone Deterioration, #201, p.80-86
The Centers for Cell Specific Cancer Therapy, #187, p.65-72
Clinical Applications of Frozen Bovine Liver Growth Factors, #191, p.68-73
Clinically Proven Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome RM-10Ô: The Newest Breakthrough in Immune System Enhancement - Part 3, #229, p.80-85
Conquering Cancer at the Bavarian Klinik Winnerhof, #193, p.116-28
Dental Elements of Danger, #203, p.94-100
Dr. Helmut Keller's View of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, #193, p.119
Dr. Morton Walker Responds to Dr. Bouic's Criticism (letter), #199, p.87+
Dr. Walker Replies (letter), #196, p.111
The Epidemic of Indigestion in America, #186, p.104-10
Fluoridation Brings Hazards to Human Health, #202, p.30-36
Found: Nature's Perfect Food, #217, p.108-12
Galvanotherapy Percutaneous Bio-Electrotherapy for the Elimination of Malignant Tumors, #220, p.54-57
Goatein Provides Optimal Amounts of Absorbable Protein, #215, p.50-54
Harvesting Olive Leaf Antimicrobials and the Infectious Diseases They Act Against, #204, p.92-96
Homeostatic Soil Organisms for One's Primal Defense, #211, p.58-63
How Polyerga Immune Stabilizer & Biologic Response Modifier Helps in Cancer Management at Bad Wiessee's Klinik Winnerhof and in Other Countries, #196, p.80-95
How to Eliminate Toxic Metals from Your Body, #239, p.110-14
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) offers viable treatment for children living with cerebral palsy and brain injury, #240, p.94-97
Ingesting hGH Secretagogues to be YOUNG AGAIN, #192, p.70-74
Liver Detoxification with Coffee Enemas as Employed in the Gerson Therapy, #216, p.45-50
Multiple Attributes of the Magnetic Mattress, #208, p.56-64
The New Canadian Therapeutic Herbal Tea for Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, #190, p.62-66
Olive Leaf Extract as a Main Therapy in the Antimicrobial Supermarket, #214, p.79-82
A Personal Profile: Addiction Treatment Specialist & Medical Intuitive, Rhonda Lenair, #233, p.132-35
Profile of the Holistic Cancer Therapist W. Douglas Brodie, MD, HMD, #223, p.130-34
The Restoration of L-Tryptophan with Its Numerous Physiological Benefits, #241, p.108-12
RM-10™: The Newest Breakthrough in Immune System Enhancement - Part 1, #225, p.85-90
RM-10™: The Newest Breakthrough in Immune System Enhancement - Part 2, #227, p.149-52
Special Features of Oral, Homeopathic, Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rhGH), #195, p.116-22
Sterols/Sitosterolins from Plant Fats Induce Potent Human Immunomodulatory Improvements, #197, p.87-94
Two Florida Dental Conferences Converge on the Poisonous Practices of Allopathic Dentistry, #228, p.152-53
The Urologist with Zero Tolerance for Prostate Problems, #213, p.78-82
Value of Colon Hydrotherapy Verified by Medical Professionals, #205, p.66-71
What Baldness Is and Why It Develops, #198, p.106-10

Walker, Morton, DPM with Randall Walker
AMA & Consumers Union Join in Attacks on DSHEA Using Senate Bill S.722 as their Weapon: A Call to Arms for Defeating US Senate Bill S. 722, #245, p.87-92
DNA Destabilization as a Major Source of Metabolic Pathology, #244, p.105-10
Human Bloodprinting – A Sensitivity Assay that Proves Food Is the First and Best Medicine, #243, p.128-32

Wallach, Jerome M.
Can Insulin Potentiation of Drugs Be Cancer's Demise? (letter), #202, p.118

Waters, Robert S., MD
Six-Year-Old with Malignant Ependymoma (letter), #189, p.97

Watkins, R.W., MD, MPH
New Diagnostic Tools for Evaluating Digestive Function, #245, p.45-50

Watts, David L., PhD
Answers to Criticism of Hair Mineral Analysis, #191, p.58-60
Autoimmune Disease and Women, #238, p.64-69
Trace Elements and Glucose Disorders, #245, p.68-71
Variations in Hair Trace Element Concentrations Importance of Proper Specimen Collection, #208, p.89-91

Weber, Charles
Potassium Deficiency as a Cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis, #208, p.74-76

Weber, Holly A.
Retaining & Maintaining the Training -- Keeping Wilderness Medical Knowledge, Skills, and Certifications Current, #204, p.14-15

Webster, Laurence S., MD
Alternative to Allergy Therapy (letter), #233, p.113-16+

Wedam, Norene F.
Charting a Course for Recovery (letter), #208, p.112-13
Should the Government Know the Name of Your Doctor? (letter), #187, p.122
Speculation on an Herbal Cure for Smallpox (letter), #239, p.130
Strategies for Survival (letter), #202, p.116+

Weeks, John
Adverse Events Not Reported (abst), #217, p.18
Aetna:Robbing Peter to Pay Paul (abst), #217, p.19
Alternative Medicine Expands in Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, #193, p.160
AMA Delegates Support Dis-Integrative Care, #203, p.42
AMA Opposes New Insurance Mandates, #196, p.55
American Hospital Association in Agreement for Expanded CAM Education, #196, p.54
American WholeHealth, #187, p.51
Analysis of 1998 HMO Premium Rises, #187, p.50
Anatomy of an Integrative Clinic Failure, #190, p.38
Are They Actually Sick? Do They Get Better? (abst), #213, p.149
Boomers and the Diseases of Aging: Will the Data Hold?, #192, p.41
California Blue Shield: Positive Returns on Guided Imagery Program (abst), #219, p.23
CAM "Add-on" or "Replacement" Question Possible Dose-Response Relationship?, #187, p.50
CAM Increasingly a Touchstone in Care Discussions for the Managed Care Industry, #195, p.40
CAM Industry Self-Perception (abst), #216, p.36
CAM Projects: Last Hired, First Fired?, #186, p.72
CAM Providers: Enhance Community Health? (abst), #215, p.32
CDC/Yale: Integration Research Model Cares about CAM as Actually Delivered (abst), #211, p.20
Cherkin Team: (Finally) Learning about CAM Providers and Their Patients (abst), #211, p.20
Chiro to Chair MCO Accrediting Group Panel, #186, p.72
The Collapse of MedPartners: On the Lack of Evidence-Based Bathwater, #191, p.57
Congressional Caucus on CAM Formed (abst), #215, p.32
Consumer Views of Healthcare: Getting Worse (abst), #219, p.22
Consumers and Health Plan Reports: FACCT, #190, p.38
Control-Alt-Delete: California's Group Practice Failures, #201, p.141
Dancing Between the Poles: Evidence-based Medicine and CAM (abst), #213, p.149
Defined Contributions: Employer Benefit Strategy May Promote Covered CAM, #207, p.22
Depressed Individuals Reach for Herbs - Even More Than the Rest of Us, #189, p.38
Discounts, Discounts, Discounts and a CAM Starter Kit for HMOs, #199, p.165
Disintermediation: Insurers Threatened by "Consumerized, Digitized Health Plan", #207, p.23 Takes Partner to Develop Alternative Medicine (Virtual) Center, #203, p.42
Drugs, Drugs and More Drugs (abst), #213, p.148
Eisenberg, Pelletier and Greenfield Consulting with Federation of State Medical Boards (abst), #213, p.149
Ellwood: Distancing from Managed Competition (abst), #214, p.19
Employee Benefits Plans Survey: CAM Use and Interest High, #201, p.141
Employer Savings: High Risk, Modifiable Behaviors, #192, p.40
Employer Survey: CAM Inclusion Rises (abst), #213, p.148
Employers Views: Getting Worse - Health Care Costs to Soar in 2002 (abst), #219, p.22
Employers, Employer Consultants and CAM: The River Rises, #190, p.40
Experts Collide on Economics of Chiropractic, #209, p.19
Fetzer Institute Sponsors Meeting to Create Consortium of Medical Schools with CAM, #195, p.41
Friendly Fire, #199, p.165
George Lundberg Speaks Out, Again (abst), #215, p.34
Guild War, HCFA Sides with Non-Physicians: Implications for CAM Providers?, #203, p.43
Harkin, Gordon and the White House Commission: Blueprint for Future Integration?, #211, p.21
Harvard Vanguard Physician Group Selection Process on Botanical Supplier, #195, p.41
HCFA Prediction: Health Care to Double in Decade, #186, p.72
Health Net Oregon: Core CAM Benefits Offered (abst), #211, p.21
Healthcare Forum: "The Healing Spirit: Delivering Health Alternatives", #187, p.51
Healthcare System Destabilization: Systemic Collage Disease?, #207, p.22
Healthcare's Future: Institute of Medicine (abst), #214, p.18
Healthwise: Data Shows Success of Education and Empowerment Strategies, #193, p.161
HIPAA May Restrict CAM Exploration (abst), #216, p.37
Hold the Trigger on Those Magic Bullets!, #186, p.73
Huge Turnout for CAM Research Conference (abst), #216, p.36
Implications for CAM in Debates Over Who Determines Medical Necessity, #195, p.40
Industry View of the Reform Debate, #187, p.51
Insurance, Mind-Body and Medical Education, #192, p.40
JAMA CAM Issue Spawns Additional CAM Features, #187, p.50
JAMA Editor Offed: Preparation for Groundhog Day Action?, #189, p.38
JCAHO Non-Pharmacological Pain Guidelines: New Place for CAM (abst), #217, p.19
King County 2010: Endorsed, County-wide Integration Initiative, #211, p.21
Landmark II: HMOs and CAM Coverage, #190, p.40
Major Breakthrough for CAM Practitioners in Community Health Centers (abst), #213, p.148
Managed Care Squelches Chiro Usage, #207, p.22
Managed Pastoral Counselors for Spiritual Care, #192, p.40
Medical Boards Renew Regulation of CAM, #209, p.18
Medicare Plus Choice and Alternative Medicine: Room to Explore, #191, p.56
Membership Still Sags at the AMA (abst), #215, p.34
Mercy Health Partners: CAM-Smart Benefit Developed (abst), #211, p.21
Mission and Money in PCP-Hospitalist Relations (abst), #214, p.19
Name That Medicine: Is a Warning Label Needed for All Medical Media?, #201, p.140
New York Beth Israel: Integrative Medicine Future Embraced (abst), #211, p.20
NIH NCCAM Antes-up First "Real World" Research Grants: More Needed, #204, p.24
NIH NCCAM: Health Services Research Program (Finally) Commenced (abst), #211, p.20
Nurse Care Found Equal to MD/DO Care, #203, p.43
Nurse Midwives Protest Use of C-Sections, #209, p.18
The Nursing Shortage and the Image of Nursing (abst), #215, p.33
On Reporting Detachments of Wrong Legs (abst), #219, p.23
Only 6% of Serious Gene Therapy Problems Properly Disclosed, #203, p.43
Only 6% of Serious Gene Therapy Problems Properly Disclosed, #204, p.25
Organizing Integration via Holistic Principles (abst), #214, p.18
Oxford Founder Among Leaders of Announced Internet-based Health Plans, #207, p.23
Paternalistic Push toward Health Creation: Health Care University at Pitney Bowes, #189, p.39
Patient Empowerment, Practitioner "Band-Width" and Financial Savings: A Positive Paradox in Group Delivered Services?, #191, p.57
Physician Deception of 3rd Party Payers Rising, #196, p.55
The Physician Executive, #187, p.50
Physician Payment Rises, #199, p.164
Physician Payment Rises, #201, p.140
Physician Views: Dissatisfaction Got Worse between 1986 and 1997 (abst), #219, p.22
Physicians Move toward Center Stage in Patient's CAM Experience (abst), #215, p.34
Physicians Rave about Group Focused Services, #193, p.161
Potential CAM-related Cost Savings Rank High in Employer Survey, #204, p.24
Practice Guidelines I: Quality Challenges, #201, p.140
Practice Guidelines II: Who is Using Them?, #201, p.140
Primary Care as Social Policy, #192, p.41
Properly Prescribed Drugs Kill 100,000 Year, #186, p.72
Provider Pay and 'Medical Cost Ratios' (abst), #216, p.36
Provider Types Vary in Views of CAM for Cancer (abst), #217, p.19
Quote(s) of the Month: Huge Increases in CAM Expected in Employee Benefits, #196, p.54
Rare HMO Action: Broad CAM Benefit Covered as Core Benefit, #204, p.25
Review: Shallow Pool of CAM Cost Studies, #209, p.19
Rolfers Boast of Savings to Employer, #193, p.161
Seniors and CAM: High Use, Uncertain Value, #191, p.56
Shadow Benefits and Strategies for Limiting Financial Risk in Covered CAM Benefits, #203, p.42
Shattering the Myth of Perfection, #186, p.73
Spiritual Advisor Viewed as Cutting MCO's Mental Health Inpatient Costs (abst), #214, p.19
Sports Talk Therapy: Chatting is Good for Patient Care, #186, p.73
Therapeutic Order: The First Shall Be Last (abst), #214, p.18+
Trickle Down Health Care: Quote of the Month, #199, p.164
Two New York CAM Centers Down, One Up, #207, p.22
United Dumps Pre-Auth: Care Still Managed, #199, p.164
Update: Employer Links $8.7 Savings to CAM/Health Benefit (abst), #217, p.18
Update on HCFA and CAM Payment (abst), #216, p.37
Who Is Responsible for the Common Good in a Competitive Market?, #193, p.160
Whole Person Program: Big Savings for Employer (abst), #215, p.32
Will Get Worse: Health Care Staffing (abst), #219, p.23
Year 2000 Presidential Politics and Managed Care, #189, p.39
Your Guidelines are Not My Guidelines: AAFP Sets Double Standard on CAM CME, #209, p.18

Weiniger, Dr. Steven P.
Preventing Student Back Pain, #232, p.24

Weintraub, Eileen
"Beef Bashing is Inappropriate" (letter), #225, p.126

Wellington, Terra
Build Yourself As an Expert and Gain Media Exposure, #237, p.142-43
Credibility and Trust Two Important Success Words, #238, p.126
Increase Word-Of-Mouth Advertising with Décor and Communications, #241, p.166-67
Marketing Tips - Give Your Viewpoint a Voice, #239, p.153
Office Experience Impacts Your Success, #235, p.158-59
What Is Positioning for Success?, #240, p.138
What Is Positioning for Success?, #243, p.167

Werbach, Melvyn R., MD
Accelerating the Healing of Injuries with Nutrients, #240, p.148
Are Natural Food Supplements Superior to Synthetic Nutrients?, #199, p.172
Atherosclerosis and Vitamin E, #229, p.188+
Cancer and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, #217, p.188
Combating Depression with Neurotransmitter Precursors, #221, p.138+
Combating Osteoporosis with Nutrients - Part 1, #201, p.151
Combating Osteoporosis with Nutrients - Part 2, #202, p.163
A Diet for a Healthy Pregnancy, #222, p.146
A Diet for Multiple Sclerosis, #189, p.122
A Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis, #226, p.148
Dietary Fat and Cancer, #227, p.144
Dietary Protection Against Breast Cancer, #195, p.160
Dietary Protection Against Colon Cancer, #239, p.168
The Effects of Dietary Lithium upon Mood and Behavior, #232, p.164
Essential Fatty Acids in Multiple Sclerosis, #244, p.160
Fish Consumption to Combat Heart Disease, #191, p.126
Food Sensitivities as a Cause of Bronchial Asthma, #234, p.144
How Diet Influences Immune Function, #223, p.172
How to Reduce Arrhythmias through Diet, #197, p.144
How Vitamins Influence Immune Function, #225, p.172
The Importance of Vitamin C in Diabetes Mellitus, #233, p.148
Inositol for Emotional Disorders, #192, p.136
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, #215, p.168+
Is Chocolate a Health Food?, #211, p.174
Is It Healthy to Eat Meat and Poultry?, #219, p.170
Laboratory Testing in Nutritional Medicine – Part I, #245, p.130-33
Lactobacillus Acidophilus for Vaginal Infections, #203, p.180
Menorrhagia, #235, p.180
Myopia (nearsightedness) and Diet, #237, p.152
Nutrients to Reduce Allergic Symptoms, #214, p.158+
Nutrients to Reduce Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal, #216, p.132+
Nutritional Influences on Eating Disorders, #207, p.138
Nutritional Influences on Lupus, #193, p.176
Nutritional Strategies for Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, #208, p.144
Nutritional Strategies for Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Part 2: Minerals, #209, p.146
Nutritional Strategies for Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Part 3: Accessory Nutrients, #210, p.166
Nutritional Treatments for Autism, #243, p.176
Reducing Stroke Risk by Lowering Homocysteine, #196, p.152
Serotonin in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia, #220, p.140
Treating Benign Breast Disease with Diet and Supplements, #198, p.144
Treating Eczema with Nutrients, #238, p.150+
Treating Glaucoma with Nutrition, #231, p.152+
Vitamin B Complex and Dementia, #228, p.168
Vitamin E and Neuromuscular Disorders - Part 1, #204, p.172
Vitamin E and Neuromuscular Disorders - Part 2, #205, p.172
Vitamins and Minerals to Combat Peripheral Vascular Disease, #241, p.184
Vitamins for Treating Schizophrenia, #213, p.161-62
When is Depression Due to a Mineral Deficiency?, #187, p.108
When is Depression Due to a Vitamin Deficiency?, #186, p.80-81

Wertheim, Alfred H.
The Ubiquitous, Toxic Flavor-Enhancer Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), #205, p.97-98

West, Jim
Images of Poliomyelitis - A Critique of Scientific Literature, #203, p.68-75

West Nile Virus Positives and MTBE Analysis of NYSDEC Wildlife Pathology Unit's West Nile Virus Database 1999, #228, p.64-76

Wetter, Rachelle
Ear Candles (letter), #223, p.120

Whalen, Ruth, MLT
Caffeine-Generated Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) and Bruxism (letter), #234, p.89

Whitcomb, Dan
Dental Groups Sued Over Mercury in Fillings, #217, p.26

White, Jeffrey D., MD
Indole-3-Carbinol Effective in Pre-Malignant, Not Malignant Cervical Cancer (letter), #209, p.100

White, Robert L., ND, PhD
Correction Notice, #187, p.113
Oxidative Medicine, #199, p.34-35

Williams, Rose Marie, MA
Antibiotics: Wonder Drugs to Wonder Bugs, #203, p.26-27
Atrazine’s Assault on Health and the Environment, #240, p.36-38
Beef Controversy (letter), #225, p.126
Breast and Prostate Cancer: A Look at the Environment, #227, p.39-41
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Look at the Environment, #195, p.158-59
Carpet Politics and Alternatives, #217, p.172-74
Codex Alimentarius, #225, p.40-42
Community-Supported Agriculture Comes of Age, #190, p.124-25
DEET Alert!!, #204, p.38-39
Dioxin: A Universal Toxin - Part 1, #213, p.158-60
Dioxin: A Universal Toxin - Part 2, #214, p.142-45
Dursban Controversy, #208, p.24-26
Environmental Clues to Prostate Cancer, #196, p.144-46
"Frankenfish" Await FDA Approval, #238, p.127-29
Gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh, #221, p.26-28
GMOs - The Debate Heats Up, #207, p.34-36
Hazards of Pressure Treated Wood, #241, p.73-75
Head Lice Are Not Nice, But Using Lindane is Insane, #201, p.50-51
The Health Emergency Powers Act, #233, p.32-33
Heart Disease and Environment, #229, p.32-34
Hidden Dangers of Carpeting, #215, p.28-30
Irradiated Food Controversy, #244, p.36-38
Irradiated Food in School Lunches, #243, p.56-57
Lupus and Environmental Risk Factors, #193, p.48-50
Malathion - Cure Worse than Disease, #202, p.145-48
More Milk Myths, #232, p.48-50
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