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2004 Author Index

Calvino, Nicholas, DC
Cannabis Sativa (letter). #250 p.110
Integrative Medicine in Colon Cancer. #247/248 p.99-108
Cava, Edmund, MD
Integrative Psychiatry (letter). #249 p.119-20
Chapdelaine, Perry A., Sr.
Correction Notice. #247/248 p.142
Chappell, L. Terry, MD
Obituary - Jim Ventresco, DO. #253/254 p.16
Chappell, Terry, MD
Outcomes from the Kadile Case (letter). #252 p.114-16
Chow, Phoebe, ND
Youthful Aging Using Frozen Liquid Cellular Extracts (letter). #256 p.85-6+
Chrubasik, Sigrun & Roufogalis, Basil D.
Clinical Effectiveness of Ginger Preparations (letter). #250 p.121-2
Cohen, Marcus A.
Commemorating Patrick M. McGrady, Jr. #247/248 p.17-19
The Curious Case of Dr. Jennifer Daniels. #247/248 p.154
Emanuel Revici, MD: Efforts to Publish the Clinical Findings of a Pioneer in Lipid-based Cancer Therapy - Part 1. #253/254 p.70-2
Emanuel Revici, MD: Efforts to Publish the Clinical Findings of a Pioneer in Lipid-based Cancer Therapy - Part 2. #255 p.95-8
The Impact of Medical Censorship on Patient Care: Part 1. #253/254 p.142-4
The Impact of Medical Censorship on Patient Care: Part 2. #255 p.38-40
The Impact of Medical Censorship on Patient Care: Part 3. #256 p.107-9
The Impact of Medical Censorship on Patient Care: Part 4. #257 p.36-9
Lyme Disease: Impact of the CDC Surveillance Criteria on Patients. #251 p.60-2
Lyme Disease: The ABCs. #250 p.50-2
News from the Cancer War: "Back to Square 1 on the CAM Front"; "Metronomic Therapy" Advances on the Mainstream Line. #252 p.26-7
What's in a Name? Terming Non-Standard Medical Treatment. #249 p.50-2
Collin, Jonathan, MD
Letter from the Publisher. #246 p.15, #247/248 p.15, #249 p.15, #250 p.15, #251 p.15, #252 p.4, #253/254 p.4, #255 p.4, #256 p.14, #257 p.4

D'Arcy, Geoff, Lic Ac, DOM
Cuba's Green Revolution. #253/254 p.73-7
Deutsch, Roger Davis
Food Allergy and Food Intolerance: Specific versus Innate Immunity. #249 p.104-9
Dorman, Thomas, MD
Colonics. #252 p.68-71
Dueease, Bill
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Blessing? Or Disorder? (letter). #255 p.118-20

Elgarten, Monte, MD & Yanick, Paul, Jr., PhD
Nutritional & Flexoelectric Breakthroughs for the Relief of Prolonged Inflammation. #250 p.142-4

Fallon, Sally
More on the Soy Debate (letter). #252 p.106-12
Farr, Richard L.
Four Eclectic Cough Syrup Remedies (letter). #247/248 p.142
Feldman, Martin, MD & Null, Gary, PhD
SSRIs: Are They As Safe As Promised? Part 1. #249 p.62-4
SSRIs: Are They As Safe As Promised? Part 2. #250 p.64-72
Field, Stanford
Blood vs. Saliva (letter). #246 p.137-40
Flaws, Bob, Dipl. Ac & CH
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and Chinese Medicine. #253/254 p.42-7
Depression & Chinese Medicine. #249 p.46-9
Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) & Chinese Herbal Medicine. #247/248 p.168-72
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) & Chinese Medicine. #255 p.152-3
An Integrated Chinese-Western Medical Treatment of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. #251 p.42-3
Late Stage Breast Cancer & Xiao Chai Hu Tang. #256 p.22-3
The Latest Research on Irritable Bowel Syndrome from China. #252 p.37-40
Peyronie's Disease, Varicocele & Male Sterility, and Increasing Sperm Motility with Chinese Medicine. #257 p.54-6
Phobic Disorders & Chinese Medicine. #255 p.44-6
Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus (SLE) & Chinese Herbal Medicine. #250 p.36-42
Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. #246 p.36-8
Fonorow, Owen R., ND
Completely Natural Cholesterol Reduction Nature's Perfect Statinâ. #249 p.112
The Cure for Cancer: Theory, History and Treatment. #251 p.118-20
The Cure for Heart Disease: Theory, History and Treatment (letter). #253/254 p.119-22

Gaby, Alan R., MD
Aloe vera for ulcerative colitis (abst). #255 p.27
And for atypical depression (abst). #249 p.28
And one ineffective magnesium regimen (abst). #247/248 p.29+
Antibody tests for food allergies questioned (abst). #246 p.30
Antifolate antibodies: another reason for pregnant women to take folic acid (abst). #250 p.26
Atherosclerosis: an environmental disease impacted by genetics (abst). #253/254 p.34
Atkins diet for epilepsy (abst). #255 p.26
Autoimmune thyroiditis as a cause of chronic fatigue (abst). #250 p.26
Bee propolis for infertility associated with endometriosis (abst). #249 p.30
Before You Order That Lab Test...Part 2 (ed). #246 p.141-2
Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, sup like a pauper (abst). #253/254 p.36
Burn victims need vitamin D supplements (abst). #251 p.41
Caffeine: a common cause of anxiety (abst). #255 p.26
Calendula prevents radiation-induced dermatitis (abst). #256 p.25
Case of the month: heartburn and esophageal reflux (abst). #252 p.34
Chromium for dysthymic disorder... (abst). #249 p.28
Cinnamon beneficial for diabetics (abst). #252 p.36
Coenzyme Q10 following myocardial infarction (abst). #252 p.34
DHEA: an alternative to estrogen-replacement therapy? (abst). #255 p.27
DHEA for systemic lupus erythematosus (abst). #250 p.26+
DHEA treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (abst). #257 p.29
Diet and exercise improve erectile function (abst). #257 p.28
Dietary Factors in Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease (ed). #250 p.123-4
Does taking vitamins give kids asthma and allergies (abst). #257 p.28
Does vitamin E cause heart failure? (abst). #253/254 p.34
Don't forget to forget the coffee (abst). #249 p.29+
Dr. Gaby's Reply. #250 p.115+
Effective magnesium regimens for fatigue/fibromyalgia (abst). #247/248 p.28+
The 'elevated' mean corpuscular volume: right treatment for the wrong reason? (abst). #246 p.30+
Fear of frying (abst). #252 p.35
Female infertility: consider thyroid hormone (abst). #256 p.24
Flaxseed and the prostate (abst). #255 p.28
Folic acid may prevent congenital heart defects (abst). #251 p.40+
Food additives trigger fibromyalgia symptoms (abst). #247/248 p.28
Food intolerance as a cause of irritable bowel syndrome (abst). #252 p.34
Food supplement for treatment of lung cancer (abst). #251 p.39
Gamma-linolenic acid for dry eyes (abst). #252 p.36
Green tea extract lowers serum cholesterol (abst). #246 p.32
Herbal remedy for Alzheimer's disease (abst). #251 p.41
Indole-3-carbinol for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (abst). #256 p.24
Inositol for panic disorder (abst). #255 p.26
Iodine treatment of fibrocystic breast disease (abst). #256 p.24
Iron for restless legs syndrome (abst). #257 p.30
Itching for a Dr. Pepper (abst). #250 p.28
Lactoferrin aids in helicobacter eradication (abst). #252 p.36
L-Arginine for pulmonary hypertension (abst). #246 p.32
Lemon balm for Alzheimer's disease (abst). #246 p.31+
Let your food be your medicine (abst). #256 p.25
L-tryptophan for insomnia: predicting who will respond (abst). #249 p.29
Lycopene beneficial for advanced prostate cancer (abst). #251 p.40
Lycopene for adjunctive treatment of prostate cancer (abst). #253/254 p.35
Lycopene prevents preeclampsia (abst). #255 p.26
Magnesium for drug-induced EKG abnormality (abst). #246 p.32
The Medical Malpractice Crisis (ed). #249 p.126
Melatonin for lung cancer (abst). #251 p.39
Natural Remedies for Anxiety (ed). #255 p.127
Natural Treatments for Angina (ed). #253/254 p.128
A New Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency (ed). #252 p.120-1
Nuts for your gallbladder (abst). #256 p.25
Omega-3 fatty acids effective against depression (abst). #250 p.28
Oral vitamin K prophylaxis is sufficient for most babies (abst). #253/254 p.36
An Ounce of Prevention (ed). #251 p.130
Pesticides: less is more (abst). #256 p.25
Predicting the results with L-tryptophan and L-tyrosine in depression (abst). #249 p.28
Preventing cancer with high-selenium yeast (abst). #251 p.39+
Preventing deep vein thrombosis on long airplane flights (abst). #257 p.28+
Preventing neural-tube defects: more than just folic acid (abst). #255 p.28
Preventing Prostate Cancer (ed). #257 p.107-8
Probiotic supplement prevents infantile colic (abst). #252 p.35
Raw food, vegan diet effective against fibromyalgia (abst). #247/248 p.28
Recurrent Candidiasis: One Step Forward, Still Backward (ed). #256 p.92+
Riboflavin deficiency as a factor in Parkinson's disease (abst). #250 p.28
St. John's wort effective for somatoform disorders (abst). #257 p.30
A score bait (abst). #256 p.24
Smokers, take your B vitamins (abst). #251 p.39
Specific lactobacillus strains for specific areas of the body (abst). #250 p.27+
Testosterone increases bone density in older men (abst). #257 p.28
Thyroid hormone requirements increase during pregnancy (abst). #257 p.30
Tired but not anemic: iron still may help (abst). #247/248 p.30
Topical vitamin C for wrinkles (abst). #249 p.30
Unreliability of hair analysis (abst). #246 p.30
Vegan diet for rheumatoid arthritis (abst). #250 p.26
Vitamin B12 for heartburn (abst). #249 p.30
Vitamin B12 injections for tiredness (abst). #247/248 p.30
Vitamin C for luteal phase defect (abst). #247/248 p.30
Vitamin D deficiency as a cause of fibromyalgia (abst). #247/248 p.28
Vitamin D deficiency related to diabetes and insulin resistance (abst). #253/254 p.34+
Vitamins C and E effective against endometriosis pain (abst). #253/254 p.36
Will Statin Drugs Bankrupt the Universe? (ed). #247/248 p.146
Xylitol chewing gum for prevention of dental caries (abst). #253/254 p.36
Zinc enhances the effect of growth hormone (abst). #246 p.32
Gaeddert, Andrew
How Do You Treat Shingles and Psoriasis?. #247/248 p.44-8
Gardner-Heaven, Nancy, PhD
Nutritional Protocols Normalizing Atypical Breast Thermology. #256 p.60-2
Garrel, Dominique, MD
A Natural Liquid Cartilage Extract Brings New Hope for Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma. #246 p.74-8
Godfrey, Mike, MD
Multiple Sclerosis and Dental Amalgams (letter). #247/248 p.126+
Goldman, Dr. Robert & Klatz, Dr. Ronald
Anti-Aging Medicine at Eleven Years: Reflections and Projections as a New Era Begins. #252 p.97-9
The Causal Link Between Infectious Diseases and Heart Disease. #253/254 p.20
Gordon, Shalima, BSc, ND & Suen, Raymond M., MD
The Clinical Relevance of IgG Food Allergy Testing Through ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay). #246 p.61-6
Gordon, Shalima, BSc, ND; Suen, Raymond M., MT; Newman, Mark, MS
Urinary Organic Acid Analysis: A Powerful Clinical Tool. #255 p.80-8
Graveline, Duane, MD
Transient Global Amnesia - A Side Effect of 'Statin' Treatment. #253/254 p.85-9
Guyer, Dale, MD
My Favorite New (Old) Therapy (letter). #253/254 p.122-3


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