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2004 Author Index

Lemke, Jacquie Lynne
Hair Analysis Can Permit Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment (letter). #249 p.110-12
Leonetti, Helene B., MD
Obituary - John Lee, MD. #246 p.20
Lerman, Robert H., MD, PhD & Rigden, Scott, MD
Successful Management of Complicated High-Risk Obese Patients Using a Comprehensive Program Including a Soy-Based Medical Food: Case Reports. #252 p.59-62
Lieberman, Shari, PhD, CNS
Antiviral Intervention for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. #247/248 p.74-6
Lonsdale, Derrick, MD
Benfotiamine and Allithiamine Should Be Differentiated (letter). #253/254 p.116+, #257 p.102-3
Lord, Richard S., PhD
Definitions of Clinical Laboratory Reference Limits. #246 p.81-5

McWilliams, Prof. Charles, ND, DAc, MB
Naturopathic Urinalysis. #246 p.106-9
Malter, Richard, PhD
Clinical Validity of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) (letter). #246 p.132-4
Martin, Wayne, BS, ChE
Atkins Diet May Cause Increase in Heart Attacks and Cancer (letter). #255 p.120-4
Cervical Cancer Prevented by the Diaphragm (letter). #255 p.106
Curcumin (Turmeric) to Prevent Blood Clots (letter). #249 p.115
Dietary Approach to Renal Stones (letter). #247/248 p.143+
Letter from Wayne Martin about Coley's Toxins. #251 p.106
Nathan Pritikin and Atheroma (letter). #253/254 p.126-7
Maxwell, Dr. Curt
Effective Alternative Cancer Treatments Suppressed (letter). #255 p.112-15
Meletis, Chris D., ND & Barker, Jason, ND
Andropause: Physiology and Treatment. #257 p.61-5
Approaches to Anxiety. #255 p.54-7
Cardiovascular Disease: Selected Treatment Options. #253/254 p.66-8
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Treatment from an Adaptogenic Perspective. #247/248 p.66-8
Food Allergies: Establishment of Diagnosis. #246 p.86-8
Immunology, Nutrition, and the Athlete - Part 1. #251 p.148-50
Immunology, Nutrition, and the Athlete - Part 2. #252 p.79-82
The Inflammatory Process and Asthma. #250 p.80-4
Insomnia Options; Natural Medicine Choices. #249 p.71-4
Seasonal Affective Disorder: Avoiding the Winter Blues. #246 p.92-4
Méndez, Juan Manuel Martínez, MD
The Euglycaemic Status and Infections: A Step to Real Immunity. #253/254 p.90-7
Miller, Monica
Survey - New Jersey Access to Dietary Supplements. #250 p.57-9
Misner, Bill, PhD
Does the Growth Rate of Aerobic Bacterial Cells in Organic Plant Foods Reflect the Health Potential of That Food in Human Cells?. #253/254 p.78-80
Moss, Dale C., MA
Treating Cancer with Homeopathy. #251 p.81-5
Moss, Ralph W., PhD
ASCO Meeting. #253/254 p.30-2
Beans Against Cancer?. #249 p.32-3
FDA Approves Avastin. #250 p.30-1
Femara Takes the Cancer World by Storm - Part 1. #246 p.34-5
Femara Takes the Cancer World by Storm - Part 2. #247/248 p.38-9
A Friendly Skeptic Looks at Escozul. #252 p.30-1
Intravenous Vitamin C. #255 p.24-5
Losing the War on Cancer. #251 p.32-3
Of Enzymes, Worms and Cancer. #256 p.20-1
Pat McGrady Dies. #249 p.33
The War on Cancer. #257 p.32-3
Musnick, David, MD
Integrative Orthopedics and Pain Management. #247/248 p.82-9

Nair, Vijaya, MD
Soy and Cancer Survivors: Dietary Supplementation with Fermented Soy Nutraceutical, Haelan951 in Patients Who Survived Terminal Cancers. #256 p.48-58
Nauts, Helen Coley, DSc
Coley's Toxins - The First Century. #251 p.107-16
Newman, Mark, MS; Gordon, Shalima, BSc, ND; Suen, Raymond M., MT
Urinary Organic Acid Analysis: A Powerful Clinical Tool. #255 p.80-8
Nibber, Dr. Traj P.S.
Reply to Dr. Lonsdale (letter). #253/254 p.117-18
Nick, Gina L., PhD, ND
Assessing Individual Susceptibility to Increased Herbicide Exposure Caused by the Production of Genetically Engineered Crops. #246 p.156-8
Breast Cancer, Toxic Exposure and Detoxification. #252 p.49-53
The Disease-Fighting Effects of Hyaluronan. #249 p.131-2
Inositol as a Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders: A Scientific Evaluation of its Clinical Effectiveness. #255 p.51-3
Natural Therapies for the Prostate Gland. #257 p.66-75
Preventing and Treating Cardiovascular Disease in Women. #256 p.34-9
Using Whole Foods in a Clinical Setting to Halt the Inflammatory Process: An Interview with Leading Whole Food Nutrition Researcher and Practitioner, Dr. David Minzel. #250 p.48-9
Whole Foods Bestow Lung Cancer Protection and Improve Lung Function. #251 p.142-3
Whole Foods That Significantly Reduce Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms. #247/248 p.173-5
Whole Food Therapeutics and Lifestyle Change in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Men. #253/254 p.38-41
Nobel, Rudolf E., MD, PhD
Antioxidant Activity of Fruit Juices (letter). #249 p.121
Null, Gary, PhD & Feldman, Martin, MD
SSRIs: Are They As Safe As Promised? Part 1. #249 p.62-4
SSRIs: Are They As Safe As Promised? Part 2. #250 p.64-72

Pagé, Daniel
The "Unrevealed" Conspiracy Against Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) (letter). #247/248 p.132-3+
P., Andrew
Carbohydrates and Your Health (letter). #252 p.118
Pepper, Patricia
Our Evolving Maladaptation (letter). #249 p.122+
Plechner, Alfred J., DVM
Adrenal-thyroid-immune Dysfunction as a Cause of Reproductive Failure in Pets. #257 p.82-4
An Innovative Cancer Therapy That Saves Animals - Can It Help Humans As Well?. #247/248 p.110-18
Plummer, Dr. Nigel
The Unseen Epidemic: The Linked Syndromes of Achlorhydria and Atrophic Gastritis. #252 p.89-94
Prousky, Jonathan E., ND
The Gastro-Testâ: A Simple In-Office Test for the Determination of Gastric pH & Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. #250 p.60-3
Puotinen, CJ
Preventing Eclampsia (Metabolic Toxemia of Late Pregnancy): An Interview with Tom Brewer, MD. #256 p.69-76
Purdey, Mark
The Environmental Origins of TSEs. #252 p.83-8

Reagan, Lisa
Autism is Treatable: Hope That Is Real, Treatments That Heal. #255 p.58-62
Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth, ND & Ullman, Robert, ND
Healing Hearts with Homeopathy. #253/254 p.48-9
Homeopathic Cartography: A Roadmap to Finding Remedies. #249 p.34-5
Homeopathic Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and Prostatitis: Prescribing on the Sensation of the Chief Complaint. #257 p.43-4+
Homeopathy: A Drug-Free Answer for Panic Attacks. #255 p.42-3
Homeopathy for Uterine Fibroids. #256 p.40-2
Podophyllum: A Nearly Routine Medicine for Traveller's Diarrhea. #252 p.32-3
A Rare Homeopathic Medicine for a Case of Ulcerative Colitis. #250 p.100-1+
Speaking Directly From Source: A Revolutionary New Method of Homeopathic Casetaking and Prescribing. #247/248 p.62-4
Two Pioneers in the Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer. #251 p.56-7
The Use of Laboratory Tests in a Classical Homeopathic Practice. #246 p.40-2+
Rigden, Scott, MD & Lerman, Robert H., MD, PhD
Successful Management of Complicated High-Risk Obese Patients Using a Comprehensive Program Including a Soy-Based Medical Food: Case Reports. #252 p.59-62
Riordan, Hugh D., MD
Chelate Lead Instead of Drug Therapy for Hypertension (letter). #257 p.100
Roberts, H.J., MD
Aspartame-Induced Arrhythmias and Sudden Death (letter). #250 p.121
The Potential Hazard of Aspartame Absorption from Within the Mouth (letter). #252 p.100
School Children at Increased Aspartame Risk (letter). #255 p.105
Rochlitz, Steven, PhD
Hiatal Hernia/Vagus Nerve Disorder: A Leading Cause of Allergies & Chronic Illness (letter). #246 p.129-31+
Rogers, Sherry A., MD
Two Vitamins Cut ICU Deaths in Half (letter). #249 p.122
Roswell, Marjorie
Blogs and Wikis. #250 p.130
Chemical Body Burden - Part 2. #246 p.168
Milk Consumption Leads to Prostate Cancer. #257 p.34-5
Raw Food Cuisine - Part 1. #251 p.23-4
Web Page Potpourri. #247/248 p.42-3, #252 p.136-7, #255 p.154-5
Web Page Potpourri: Baker's Dozen. #256 p.116
Web Page Potpourri: Cardiovascular Disease. #253/254 p.138
Web Page Potpourri - Mad Cow. #249 p.133-4
Roufogalis, Basil D. & Chrubasik, Sigrun
Clinical Effectiveness of Ginger Preparations (letter). #250 p.121-2
Rubin, Jordan, NMD, PhD
The Case for Whole Food Nutritional Supplements. #247/248 p.93-6
Rubin, Paul G., DDS
Foot in Mouth? (letter). #246 p.132

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