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Evans, Heidi
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Sufferer Requests Help, #269 p.108–9
Evans, Steven
Interim Clinical Study Results for a Supplement for Cancer Risk Reduction, #264 p.66–9

Feldman, Martin, MD & Null, Gary, PhD
Stop Fluoridation Now: New Research on Fluoride's Brain and Thyroid Toxicity, #261 p.56–61
Ferril, William, MD
Inflammation and Heart Disease - A Holistic Perspective, #262 p.54–6
Field, Stanford
A Shocking Report from Japan Is Received Without a Murmur in the Western World (letter), #264 p.97–8
Firstenberg, Arthur
Everyone Is Affected by Electromagnetic Radiation (letter), #265/266 p.79
Flaws, Bob, LicAc, Dipl Ac & CH
Chinese Medicine & Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), #262 p.38–42
Chinese Medicine & Metastatic Bone Cancer, #264 p.33–4
Clinical Uses of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, #265/266 p.96–101
Colds & Flu and The Science Behind ColdQuell, #259/260 p.53–6
Post-menopausal Osteoporosis & Chinese Medicine, #261 p.35–6
Preventing Asthmatic Attacks with Chinese Medicine, #268 p.109–10
The Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy with Chinese Medicine, #267 p.86–7
The Treatment of Migraine Headaches with Chinese Medicine, #258 p.50–2
The Treatment of Periodontal Disease with Chinese Medicine, #263 p.29–31
Friel, Patrick, BS
Estrogen Replacement Therapy: How Much Is Too Much?, #258 p.105–7

Gaby, Alan R., MD
Acetyl-L-carnitine for diabetic neuropathy (abst), #269 p.48
Alternative Medicine Gets Battered by a Dull Object (ed), #268 p.96
Another homocysteine-lowering vitamin (abst), #265/266 p.29
Another reason to eat whole grains (abst), #267 p.27+
Antioxidants: some good news finally (abst), #261 p.24
Azelaic acid for rosacea (abst), #258 p.36
Berberine lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels (abst), #265/266 p.30
Bias against vitamins? (abst), #265/266 p.29+
Bowls and boluses (abst), #267 p.28
Bromelain & sinusitis (abst), #268 p.36
B-vitamins reverse carotid atherosclerosis (abst), #269 p.47
Calcium enhances weight loss (abst), #259/260 p.35
Can eating tomatoes keep you young? (abst), #261 p.25
Canker sores and toothpaste (abst), #263 p.25
Case of the month: the hypertension that was not (abst), #258 p.38
Coenzyme Q10 for chronic renal failure (abst), #267 p.26
Coenzyme Q10 increases survival after cardiac arrest (abst), #262 p.22
Coenzyme Q10 to prevent migraines (abst), #268 p.38
Cold comfort for people with diabetes (abst), #262 p.22
Cromolyn sodium blocks food-allergic reactions (abst), #265/266 p.28
DHEA relieves midlife-onset depression (abst), #269 p.47+
Diet influences tuberculosis outcome (abst), #268 p.37
A Doctor to Be Remembered (ed), #267 p.76
Does High-Dose Vitamin E Kill People? (ed), #259/260 p.115–16
Does vitamin E cause congestive heart failure? (abst), #262 p.20
Eat breakfast to lose weight (abst), #265/266 p.30
Eat less, liver longer (abst), #269 p.46
Eradicating Helicobacter pylori with garlic (abst), #259/260 p.34
Erratic eating leads to insulin resistance (abst), #259/260 p.36
Essential fatty acids for chronic lung disease (abst), #267 p.28
Fish oil for acute pancreatitis (abst), #269 p.46+
Fluoride toothpaste: a cause of perioral dermatitis (abst), #263 p.25
Folic acid and vitamin B12 prevent hip fractures (abst), #264 p.22
Folic acid mouthwash for gingivitis (abst), #263 p.25
Food additives cause hyperactive behavior (abst), #258 p.36
Food allergy as a cause of nephrotic syndrome (abst), #267 p.26+
The gallstone cure that wasn't (abst), #268 p.38
Glutamine for childhood diarrhea (abst), #261 p.24
Glutathione aerosol for chronic lung disease (abst), #268 p.36
Hibiscus tea for hypertension (abst), #259/260 p.36
Higher doses of vitamin D needed for fracture prevention (abst), #268 p.37+
High- or low-carbohydrate diet for obesity? (abst), #268 p.38
Homeopathy Takes a Hit (ed), #269 p.110–11
Hospice for hoss-piss (abst), #264 p.24
Intravaginal vitamin C for non-specific vaginitis (abst), #264 p.24
Iodine: A Lot to Swallow (ed), online, #265/266 p.82–3
Iron deficiency a factor in ADHD (abst), #264 p.24
Is Aspartame Safe? (ed), #262 p.89–90
Is rheumatoid disease caused by an infection? (abst), #262 p.20
Is sinusitis caused by allergy to fungus? (abst), #268 p.36
Lithium-induced psoriasis treated with inositol (abst), #261 p.26
Loss of smell following use of intranasal zinc (abst), #259/260 p.36
Low-dose riboflavin may prevent migraines (abst), #265/266 p.28
Lowering C-reactive protein and lipid levels with diet (abst), #262 p.21
Magnesium and vitamin B6 for kidney stone prevention (abst), #267 p.26
Magnesium beneficial after subarachnoid hemorrhage (abst), #269 p.48
Maternal smoking, iodine, and infant brain development (abst), #258 p.37
More on diet and C-reactive protein (abst), #262 p.21+
New England Journal of Drugs stays true to form (abst), #258 p.36
Nutrient combination for macular degeneration (abst), #264 p.23
Nutritional support for vaccine recipients (abst), #259/260 p.34
Pantethine: Potential treatment for Parkinson's Disease (ed), #264 p.105
Potassium inhibits platelet aggregation (abst), #263 p.26
Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis with Natural Medicine (ed), #261 p.66–7
Pricing Health Care Back into the Market (ed), #263 p.67
Progesterone for osteoporosis: mixed results (abst), #265/266 p.28+
Red lenses relieve migraines (abst), #261 p.26
Rescuing children from a pre-carious situation (abst), #263 p.26
Response to: A Rebuttal of Dr. Gaby's Editorial on Iodine, online
Saving time and money on colonoscopies (abst), #261 p.26
Selenium prevents chemotherapy side effects (abst), #258 p.38
Soy-derived phosphatidylserine ineffective (abst), #258 p.37
Soy isoflavones may cause endometrial hyperplasia (abst), #258 p.38
Strontium and dental caries (abst), #263 p.26
Tea catechins reduce body fat (abst), #263 p.26
Topical vitamin C for photoaged skin (abst), #269 p.46
Treating Chronic Pain with Natural Medicine (ed), #258 p.113
Treating sleep terrors in children (abst), #262 p.22
Urea for liver cancer (abst), #264 p.22
Vitamin C prevents pregnancy complication (abst), #267 p.28
Vitamin D3 more potent than vitamin D2 (abst), #267 p.27
Vitamin D for prostate cancer (abst), #264 p.22
Vitamin E for hayfever (abst), #261 p.25
Vitamin E prevents radiation side effect (abst), #259/260 p.35
Vitamin E relieves menstrual pain (abst), #269 p.46
Vitamin K, Crohn's disease, and osteoporosis (abst), #261 p.24
Vitamin K improves artery health (abst), #264 p.23+
Well done, wellness undone (abst), #259/260 p.34
What might mend a broken heart? Maggie may (abst), #265/266 p.30
Galland, Leo, MD
Drug-Supplement Interactions: a Counter-Offensive, #263 p.50–3
Garrel, Dominique R., MD
A Liquid Cartilage Extract as an Adjuvant to Conventional Treatment, #264 p.59–64
Goldman, Dr. Robert & Klatz, Dr. Ronald
The Regenerative Potential of Stem Cell Therapeutics in the Anti-Aging Setting, #269 p.70–3

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