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2005 Author Index

Lahoz, S. Colet, RN, MS, L.Ac
Shy-Drager Syndrome (MSA) Reversal Through Alternative Medicine, #262 p.64–7
Levy, Thomas E., MD, JD
Vitamin C and Severe Influenza: A Case Report (letter), #258 p.109+
Lieberman, Allan, MD
The Use of Natural Microdose DNA and Synthetic Minidose DNA for Respiratory Disease and Immunotherapy, #268 p.68–72

McMichael, John, PhD & Mamber, Stephen W., PhD
Microdose DNA (Mucolyxir) for Alleviating Symptoms of Acute and Chronic Respiratory Diseases and Otitis Media, #268 p.73–7
Mamber, Stephen W., PhD & McMichael, John, PhD
Microdose DNA (Mucolyxir) for Alleviating Symptoms of Acute and Chronic Respiratory Diseases and Otitis Media, #268 p.73–7
Martin, Wayne, BS ChE
Critique of Negative Vitamin E Study (letter), #259/260 p.107–8
Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil (letter), #261 p.62+
Hyperbaric Oxygen for Stroke (letter), #263 p.64
IV Hydrochloric Acid for Bacterial Infections (letter), #267 p.72+
Klenner Protocol for MS (letter), #258 p.111–12
Prostaglandin Role in Inducing and Suppressing Inflammation in MS (letter), #262 p.82
Treating Liver Cancer with Urea (letter), #268 p.92
Vegetarian Diet for Arthritis (letter), #265/266 p.80
We Can Reduce Cancer Deaths by Half (letter), #264 p.100–2+
Maxwell, Curt, MD, NMD, DC
Injectable Therapies for Pain Management (letter), #261 p.62
Meletis, Chris, ND & Barker, Jason, ND
Considerations in the Prevention of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, #262 p.118–20
Liver Support: An Evidence-Based Review & Call for Research, #261 p.77–9
Natural Medicines and Oral Health: A Look at the Literature, #263 p.44–6
Natural Pain Modulation, #258 p.24–6
The Naturopathic Approach to Adrenal Dysfunction, #259/260 p.59–62
Optimized Microcirculation: The Key to Sustainable Whole Body Health, #267 p.114–16
Popular Botanical Medicines and Cancer Drug Interactions: A Review, #264 p.110–12
Milowe, George, MD
Vitamin E in Clinical Studies (letter), #268 p.92
Misner, Bill, PhD
Food May Not Provide Sufficient Micronutrients to Avoid Deficiency, #261 p.49–51
A Novel Device Reduces Spoilage from Aerobic Bacterial Growth in Refrigerated Apples, online, #267 p.71
Morgan, Michelle and Bone, Kerry
Rhodiola: The Arctic Adaptogen, #262 p.26–8
Moss, Ralph W., PhD
ACS Myths: Part 2, #268 p.46–8
CancerGuides, #263 p.21
Do Radiofrequency Energy Fields Cause Cancer?, #269 p.58–60
Feverfew and Cancer, #264 p.20–1
Hugh D. Riordan, MD (1932-2005), #259/260 p.17
In God We Trust, All Others Show Data: A Reply to the NCI Director's "Challenge Vision", #259/260 p.32–3
In God We Trust, All Others Show Data: A Reply to the NCI Director's "Challenge Vision" - Part 2, #261 p.28–9
Is There a Cancer Conspiracy?, #267 p.34–5
March 2005 California Trip, #263 p.21
A New View of Cancer's Origins, #262 p.24–5
Provenge for Prostate Cancer, #263 p.20+
Reflections on ASCO 2005, #265/266 p.44–5
William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS (1925-2005), #261 p.16
Musnick, David, MD
Protect Your Access to Purchase Supplements, Vitamins & Minerals (letter), #268 p.94–5

Nick, Gina L., PhD, ND
Aging Gracefully with Thymus Extract, DHEA, Yoga and Calorie Restriction, #269 p.62–4
Antibiotics and Urinary Infections: Too Much Too Often?, #268 p.111–12
The Anti-infective and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Glutamine, #262 p.106–12
Beyond Chemoprevention: Nutraceuticals That Abrogate or Delay the Onset of Cancer and Enhance Conventional Cancer Treatments, #264 p.44–6
Detoxification as a Primary Treatment Modality for Chronic Pain - Part I, #258 p.132–4
Detoxification as a Primary Treatment Modality for Chronic Pain - Part II, #259/260 p.64–6
Glycemic Health and Diabetic Nephropathy, #267 p.88–91
Medicinal Properties of Natural Nutrients and Extracts That Favor Oral Health, #263 p.32–4
Nutritional Support for Healthy Brain Function, #265/266 p.92–4
Vitamin K and Bone Health, #261 p.39–40
Null, Gary, PhD & Feldman, Martin, MD
Stop Fluoridation Now: New Research on Fluoride's Brain and Thyroid Toxicity, #261 p.56–61

Paladin, Don Richard
Variance in Chemical Exposure Tolerance (letter), #265/266 p.77
Pall, Martin L., PhD
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Towards the End of Controversy, #265/266 p.52–6
Payne, Anthony G., PhD, MD (hon.)
How Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Are Helping Life Imitate Myth, #269 p.68–9+
Pescatore, Fred, MD
How to Get the Most Out of a Low Carb Diet (letter), #258 p.110+
Piero, P., DDS
Oral Health Is Critical to Total Health, #263 p.54–5
Test Your Wisdom on Teeth (letter), #267 p.73
Pinkhasova, Angela, MD (Russia), NMD (Candidate) & Arneson, David A., NMD
Nutritional Treatment for Detoxification and Recovery from Alcoholism: The Functional/Molecular Medicine Approach, #258 p.83–8
Pitts, Connie
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Perfume (letter), #265/266 p.76
Plechner, Alfred J., DVM
The Importance of IgA, #268 p.88–91
Poulin, Bonita
Chemical Sensitivity in the Military (letter), #265/266 p.76
Powers, Linda
A Conversation with MCS Researcher, Martin Pall, PhD, #265/266 p.18–19
Prickett, Jeffrey L., PsyD, AP
Klenner Protocol First Step for MS Control (letter), #262 p.79–81
Prousky, Jonathan E., ND
Orthomolecular Treatment of Anxiety Disorders, #259/260 p.82–7

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