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April 2006


Web Page Potpourri:
Looking from the Inside
by Marjorie Roswell

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A column devoted to informative integrative health resources on the Internet

Last month's column identified visual resources related to the heart. This month we look at the liver and gastrointestinal system.

Digital Atlas of Video Education
The Digital Atlas of Video Education (DAVE) is a fascinating collection of videos taken inside the human body. When you go to the home page, you'll see a brief medley of video clips (accompanied by a soothing Bach cello prelude!). Click on "Anatomical Search" to select the body part of your choice. I found the "normal ileum" intestine video to be particularly interesting. In the past, I had only seen static illustrations of ileal villi; this video reminds me of a coral reef.

Removing a colon polyp – 1
This is one of the more bizarre videos out there: a colon polyp removal procedure accompanied by a soundtrack with the country music lyrics: "It's time to hit the road, goodbye, farewell, so long, vaya con Dios....easy come, easy go." The video is less than a minute in duration.

Removing a colon polyp - 2
This is a more straightforward video showing polyp removal, as a surgeon explains what we are seeing and what he's doing. Once again, the video imparts more information than the more commonly available static drawings. You can find both videos at by searching for "Removing a colon polyp."

The Analyst
The Analyst at is a tremendous resource. You may use the information-rich site as a standard web page, or you can also pay a relatively small fee for a naturopath's or allopath's personal response to your confidential health questionnaire. There's also a lower-priced automated questionnaire response option (which I tried) that's also remarkably helpful. The content is mostly text, but I include it among these visual resources, partly because of an innovative graphical legend that reveals the quality of research behind each recommendation, ranging from Weak Link to Proven Link and from Strongly Counterindicative to Highly Recommended. The site does not offer a search engine, but you can always use the "site" search term at For instance, a Google search of " liver" (without any quotation marks) produces more than 800 results, and " colon toxins" produces 61 results.

Stereo Images
Dig up a pair of red and blue stereoscopic glasses to view 3-D images of liver sinusoids (blood vessels), intestinal villi, and adipose cells.

Professor T. Colin Campbell PhD -- Animal protein (meat and dairy) causes cancer
With a charming introduction by Dr. Doug Lisle, T. Colin Campbell presents his research on the causal relationship between meat/dairy consumption and cancer to the VegSource conference. If you want to go straight to the liver tumor data, turn to the 15-minute mark on the Google Video site. Dr. Campbell notes, "What we basically found was that we could turn on and turn off tumor growth simply by changing the level of protein intake within that 5%–20% range." This is a 51-minute presentation well-worth watching in full.

Fluoride & Cancer: The Firing of Dr. William Marcus
(3/18/06: Link froze up repeatedly.)
This one-hour, 23-minute video points out the link between fluoride and liver cancer and notes the 1990 firing of the EPA Senior Toxicologist who exposed government cover-up of this information.

Portable Infrared Sauna
When I was in high school, my family moved into a house that had a small sauna in the basement. It was something that never occurred to us to use. It just seemed like good storage space. But next time I'm home, I might just give it a try! A walk-in sauna may be terrific, but this photograph of a portable infrared sauna makes me smile.

Before and After
Good nutrition—including colorful, ripe, whole, fresh, organic produce—is the most essential approach to detoxification. Don't miss these vivid Before and After photographs of people who have switched to healthful eating. I'd love to see Before and After documentation depicting inside the body as well. Perhaps someone with a holistic practice could begin to start such a collection. ( is my site, but you can add to it, too. Just click EditText at the bottom of any page.)

Marjorie Roswell makes maps and web pages at a health policy organization in Baltimore.

Marjorie Roswell
3443 Guilford Terrace
Baltimore, MD 21218 USA


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