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April 2009

Letter to the Editor
A Successful Alternative Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

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This patient was diagnosed with an advanced adenocarcinoma of the colon (rectosigmoid) on March 31, 2008. She was hospitalized for 16 days.

Clinical Situation
There were multiple large nodules on the liver (12x11cm, 4x3.2cm, 5.8x3.8cm) and multiple nodules on the lung (7x11mm, 10x13mm).

Two months before going to the hospital, the patient started to lose her appetite and developed anorexia, asthenia, and abdominal pains. Because of increasing pains, she decided to consult a doctor at hospital.

The patient started chemotherapy; in May 2008, she came to our institute in very poor physical condition. She had developed severe adverse effects, anemia, and more pain treated with analgesics (hemoglobin 10.0, RBCs 3.25, platelets 101).

Antigene Tumor Marker
CA 19.9 310 U/ml
ACE 245 ng/ml
Colorectal cancer with multiple metastases showed a very bad prognosis with poor response to chemotherapy.

The Combination Therapy
We built a very powerful combination protocol that could immediately increase the body's defense, decrease inflammation, target cancer cells in several directions to decrease their resistance, and overall increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy. The main objective was to inhibit angiogenic factors to starve the tumor, increase immune-cell activity, decrease oxidative stress, and as a whole regenerate the body's function. A anticancer diet is absolutely necessary since cancer patients need extra vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other phytochemicals that have anticancer properties and stimulate liver, intestine, and kidney function. We suggest a large daily intake of raw vegetable juice, organic if possible, including carrots, red beet – my favorite anticancer food, watercress, turnip, broccoli, etc. (For more of my work on this topic, see my website:

Some of the Medications:
· Liquid Cartilage Extract (LCE)
· Biobran MGn3
· Biorejan (Frozen stem cells)
· Anoxe
· Ukrain (Natural chemotherapeutic agent)

After 40 days of the treatment, the patient appeared to be in much better physical and psychological condition; indeed she looked as happy as she did healthy.

She continued treatment and came for a new consultation in early August 2008 with some very good news and results from new hospital scan.

Result: There was significant elimination of many lesions and decreasing size of others compared to the anterior scans of March and April.

Before After
14x14x12cm 12x11x9cm
4x3.2cm 3.6x2.3cm
5.8x3.8cm 4.6x3.4cm

Blood parameters
RBCs 3.27
Hemo 10.8
Platelets 135
WBCs 5.750

CA 19.9 157.0 U/ml
ACE 175.4 ng/ml

The Patient Continues Treatment
At a consultation on September 18, 2008, the patient showed continued improvement, demonstrating how complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can indeed increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy, despite the fact that there is some severe criticism.

Antigen Tumor Markers Are Still Decreasing
CA 19.9 114.9 U/ml
ACE 102 ng/ml

Blood Parameter
RBCs 3.41
Hemo 11.1
WBCs 5.770
Platelets 116 (slight decrease)

Overall, this was an excellent result with an advanced cancer that had only poor results from chemotherapy. The patient is now living a normal life, went back to work, feels no more pain, and has even started to entertain at night. Hope is also a major factor for any cancer patient, and in this case the patient's whole family has been grateful for the good quality of life that we have been able to offer her.

A new check-up and reevaluation in late October and again in December 2008 indeed showed new improvement and decreasing antigen tumor markers and polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

CEA 41.5 ng/ml 245 ng/ml
CA 19.9 75.1U/ml 310 ng/ml

The blood parameter was stable, but because of chemotherapy, platelets were still low. PCR regularly decreased from 15.85 mg/d to now 0.60 mg/dl, which is important to decrease inflammation. PCR is now considered as prognostic of advanced cancer.

But the good news is the elimination of most nodules on the liver; and there remained only one large nodule, but it actually reduced from 7cm to 5cm.

As of January 2009, the patient continues to experience a remarkable quality of life. The patient enjoyed Christmas with her family and two children, which would have been impossible doing only heavy chemotherapy. She is free from adverse effects of chemotherapy, feels very strong, and is living normally; now medical doctors wonder about her case. Since the family told them what she was doing, they have kept total silence, even with such extraordinary results. Medical doctors and even the Society of Integrative Oncology have denied the value of dietary supplements and alternative therapies, calling their goals "unrealistic and unmet." (See my article, "Integrative Oncology Denied the Efficiency of Alternative Therapies and Antioxidants," on, August/September 2008.) I am wondering if in this advanced cancer case our treatment and key result are really unrealistic.

Serge Jurasunas, MD (Hom.), ND



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