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April 2010

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The company Apps For All ( announced in January that its new health-care application, Healthful Apps, is now available in Apple's App Store.

This iPhone application is one of the first to allow a user to locate peer-recommended healthcare applications from the App Store. Part of a recent development in health care is to utilize iPhone applications to locate healthcare advice, seek comfort, and identify other solutions for both caregivers and patients. With over 10,000 new applications being added to the App Store each month, the challenge for any iPhone/iPod touch user is locating the most useful healthcare applications in the shortest amount of time. Healthful Apps guides users to focus on applications that have already been reviewed and thus help the selection process.

Apps For All founder Dan Cohen commented: "We're very excited to introduce Healthful Apps to health care providers and consumers. Healthful Apps allows you to quickly identify, based on peer reviews, the best applications in eight different health care categories. Healthful Apps eliminates the need to search all over the App Store and spend money on apps that may or may not be useful to your particular health care needs."

iPhone and iPod Touch users now have a simple yet powerful tool at their disposal to help caregivers or patients find the most useful health-related applications.

A recent review of Healthful Apps from Eldergadget ( stated: "Healthful Apps is not just a storehouse for your wellness-related iPhone applications; the Healthful Apps crew also reviews and assesses new health-related apps to make sure they are satisfactory. They also plan to work alongside developers to ensure an app's effectiveness. ... Healthful Apps is a reliable headquarters and reference point for health-related technology. We approve and so should you."

Healthful Apps features include: eight categories of healthcare-related applications for faster review, selection, and purchase; categories comprising Mood Lifters, Relaxation, Memory & Focus, Alzheimer's, Health Tracker, Autism, Caregiver, and Dialysis; ratings (one to five stars) and reviews for each application listed in each health category, opportunity to post one's own reviews and ratings.

Healthful Apps is available for download in the US for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the App Store for $2.99. For more information, please visit

Disclosure: Dan Cohen is Jonathan Collin's cousin.


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