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April 2011

Press Release
MWI President Forms Sendai Relief Fund

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Mushroom Wisdom Inc. (MWI) would like to express their appreciation for the outpour of concern received from the industry in regard to the recent Earthquake and Tsunami tragedy in Sendai, Japan.  As many are aware President of MWI, Mike Shirota, who now resides in NJ, is originally from the Sendai area. We are pleased to report that his family and friends from the tragedy-stricken Sendai, are now safe.

Before the tragedy Shirota had organized a Japan-US goodwill choral festival featuring The HAGI Choir from Sendai, to be held at Carnegie Hall in NYC on May 20th. After the tragedy he considered cancelling the date. However, upon receiving word from HAGI Choir President Maki Suemitsu and several choir members that they still desired to make the trip, Shirota decided to go forward. He formed the Sendai Relief Fund to raise donations to aid in recovery, and he gave the concert its new name and purpose.

The HAGI Choir, led by acclaimed Music Director Mitsuharu Okazaki and comprised of the finest voices from tsunami-stricken Sendai, Japan, will sing at the Japan-US Chorus Charity Concert for Sendai at Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium on Friday, May 20th, 2011 from 8 PM – 10:30 PM.  Three additional choral groups will share a stage at the event: the Men’s Glee Club of Tokyo & Kansai, which has a large following in greater Tokyo and Osaka; the Men’s Glee Club of New York, comprised of Japanese businessmen living and working in greater New York; and the White Pine Glee Club (Detroit), whose members include Japanese businessmen currently working in the American auto industry.

Japan Choral Harmony (JCH), a new choir consisting of chorus lovers within the Japanese community in New York and headed by Concert Director Mike Shirota, will share the stage with the HAGI Choir during the final segment of the program. JCH and HAGI will be accompanied by Japanese 4th grade – 9th grade students for one song during the final stage.

"We are honored that The HAGI Choir has chosen to appear despite the recent 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that struck northeast Japan," said Mr. Shirota. "That they are coming despite having lost family, friends and loved ones and despite the fact that some choir members are among the missing demonstrates the hidden strength and indomitable spirit of the people of Sendai."

Carnegie Hall is located at 881 Seventh Avenue (57th Street). Doors open at 7:30 PM. ADMISSION IS FREE.

Any donations to the Sendai Relief Fund will be gratefully accepted.  Mushroom Wisdom, Inc. will contribute a Health-Mate product and T-shirt to all industry donations over $250.  For donations, free concert tickets and more information please visit

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