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From the Townsend Letter
April 2017

The Role of Regenerative Medicine in Breast Reconstruction
by Karina Gordin, MSc
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KG: Can you briefly discuss other applications of cell-assisted lipotransfer, and the implications of CAL in plastic surgery? Have you experimented with CAL for "cosmetic" purposes?

SS: I have not used this procedure for any other parts in my body. But I would imagine it is safer and better than injecting substances from unknown sources. Using your "self" has to be the better choice.

KG: Beyond the improvement in physical health and appearance, how has your psychological and emotional satisfaction evolved over the last decade? And what are your expectations for the decade to come?

SS: Maybe it sounds strange, but I think all women can relate; our breasts are where we nurture our children and our partners in life. They are part of who we are; they are a large part of our softness. Having gone without a breast for so long has given me such a deep appreciation for being intact again. I have no foreign object in my body, I have nothing to reject, and everything about my body experience at this time in my life is better; my clothes fit and look better, and I feel good about myself when nude.
Cancer (for me) has turned out to be a gift. I had to learn to accept myself in a way I never thought I would be forced to do. Having come to fame years ago in "Three's Company" as a sex symbol, (a term I was never very comfortable with), losing my breast was a wake-up to what is truly important in life. You learn you are not invincible, that who you love and who loves you are all that matters.
Cancer reshaped my life. A true wake-up call: I changed the way I ate; I switched to all-organic and real food only; I eliminated chemicals from my life as best I could; I worked on my thoughts being positive; I didn't feel any self-pity, rather I felt lucky that through this negative I was able to learn so many things about myself and have this opportunity to embrace true health. The gift kept on giving because then I was able to use my celebrity to get to the best and brightest in the field of nondrug cancer protocols and write one of my most successful books, Knockout, which continues to be a worldwide seller. I'm a big believer in negatives as opportunities; the pain and agitation is what teaches us and gives us strength to overcome and turn negatives to positives much like judo, using forward energy to win.

Oral Liposomal GlutathioneKG: What projects are you currently working on, and what can we look forward to?

SS: Ever productive, I am just finishing my 26th book and have already begun on book number 27. The next book to come out is a celebration of my marriage and relationship, which upon publication will have totaled 50 years. We are partners in love, life, family, and health. We have both embraced a healthy lifestyle, feeling it is respectful to one another to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. Neither of us takes any over-the-counter or pharmaceutical drugs unless absolutely necessary and in that case they are a godsend. I don't rush to take an Advil because I have a headache; rather, I use LifeWave non-drug nanotechnology pain patches called IceWave (from a company in which I am involved, for full disclosure). These are pain patches with organic amino acids that activate the infrared light in the body through nanotechnology and move the chi (or energy) around, thus eliminating pain. There are other patches for inflammation; I tore my meniscus while performing my one-woman Broadway show and rather than surgery or any kind of painkiller I used the LifeWave nanotechnology glutathione patches on the inside of my right knee and I put an Aeon patch (an inflammation patch) on the outside. Within two weeks my pain had subsided. I believe we rush too quickly to our medicine cabinets without thinking of the consequences of putting a foreign substance into our body be it Tylenol or ibuprofen. As we are all under the greatest chemical and environmental assault in the history of humanity, we don't want to add more foreign substances and further we confuse the body. 
Both my husband and I have been on bioidentical hormone replacement for over two decades, we embrace designer supplementation, including breakthrough supplements like TA-65, and we eat our own homegrown organic food. When we travel, we bring food with us and if that's not convenient, we seek out restaurants that have at least one organic offering. It has all paid off, as I will relay in my next book, #27, about aging a new way. There is nothing so far about aging that I do not like. I like the way I look, I like the way I sleep, I like the way I feel, I have boundless energy, I have a great libido, I have shiny, healthy hair and strong nails, and I have wisdom and perspective. It's all fantastic. That is my message to my constituency moving forward. If the present paradigm of aging horrifies you and decrepit, frail, or with one of the big three (heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's) all culminating in a nursing home is not how you want your endpoint to be, then you've got to make the right choices starting this moment. Every choice matters, and every choice has consequences, good or bad; choose well.

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Katrina Gordin



Katrina Gordin is a medical journalist and currently writes for a variety of commercial and peer-reviewed health publications. She would like to thank her father, Dr. Leonid Gordin, for advocating the importance of meditation and mindfulness, which has informed her writing and research. Karina can be reached at


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