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From the Townsend Letter
August / September 2008

The Garlic Wars

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As mentioned in the August/September 2008 "Letter from the Publisher," a series of articles from the Townsend Letter archives debate the pros and cons of garlic and garlic supplementation. These articles are not available online or in reprint or Xerox form. Interested readers should contact the Townsend Letter office to purchase the specific issue for each respective article.

Kelley J, Corrigan M. Point & counterpoint: the chemistry of garlic and onions.
Townsend Letter. June 1986; 38: 165.

Pizzorno J, Murray M. Allium sativum (garlic). Townsend Letter. June 1986; 38:167-71.

Arizona Natural; Wakunaga. Garlic controversy: point & counterpoint. Townsend Letter. January 1987; 44: 411-414.

Smart F. Letter: Garlic controversy. Townsend Letter. April 1987; 46:69.

Brewer W. Letter: Allicin toxic to red blood cells. Townsend Letter. May 1987;47: 108.

Lonsdale D. Letter: Garlic controversy. Townsend Letter. July 1987;49:192.

Lin H. Letter: More garlic controversy. Townsend Letter. October 1987;51: 280-81.

Hanna M. Letter: Garlic debate continues. Townsend Letter. February/March 1988; 55/56: 82.

Walker M. The healing powers of garlic. Townsend Letter. April 1990;81: 182-185.



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