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August/September 2014
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Letter from the Publisher
by Jonathan Collin, MD

Lise Alschuler Honored by CCNM with Honorary Degree
by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO
A colleague celebrates fellow naturopath's contributions to the profession, along with her acknowledgement by a prestigious naturopathic institution.

The Art and Science of Compounding: Where Are We Now, and How Did We Get Here?
by Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP
Compounding addresses the need for individualized solutions for health problems; however, the practice is challenged by disarray in and conflicting interpretation of regulations.

Changing the Paradigm of Cancer Treatment
by Mary Budinger
Since the 1950s, society has made many technical advances, yet we're no closer to improving outcomes for cancer treatment. Integrative approaches have much to offer, but there is a lack of research and the conventional community is still skeptical. Still, patients are increasingly calling for a better standard of care, and the integrative oncology movement is poised to define its best practices.

Intravenous Ascorbate in the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer: The Work of Jeanne Drisko, MD, and Qi Chen, PhD
based on interviews with Nancy Faass
Drisko and Chen have made great strides in verifying the safety and effectiveness of intravenous ascorbic acid in the treatment of cancer. In their recent work, when chemotherapy treatment was combined with intravenous ascorbate (administered in separate sessions, not together) compared with the group receiving chemotherapy alone, ovarian cancer patients had greater survival time and less toxicity.

Improving Breast Cancer Survivorship with Lifestyle Changes
by Barbara MacDonald, ND, LAc
This article reviews the evidence that lifestyle strategies will reduce recurrence and increase survival, including a "handout" chart convenient for patient consultations.

Anemia in Cancer: Assessment, Management, and Naturopathic Considerations
by Stacy Dunn, ND, MSOM, FABNO
Anemia is common in cancer patients, and it can lead to complications. It is important to understand its underlying etiology in order to provide the most effective treatment, including support options offered by naturopathic medicine.

Beta-Blockers and Cancer: the Impact of Stress on Cancer
by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO
Several studies report on the association of these drugs with improved outcomes in cancer patients. While these results are in themselves of interest, they also add to our understanding of the role that stress plays in cancer.

Inflammation and Breast Cancer: An Unwholesome Relationship
by Helayne Waldman, EdD, MS
Modern science has begun to catch up in its acknowledgement of the interplay between inflammation and cancer. This article describes the factors that influence inflammation and goes over several tests to help assess status.

A Complementary Approach to Breast Cancer: A Case with Multiple Liver Metastases is Free from Disease
by Professor Serge Jurasunas
There is an urgent need to develop new effective ways to diagnose and treat breast cancer. Comprehensive treatment may more effectively target the disease concept, superseding the outmoded paradigm of using toxic therapy directed at killing the tumor.

To a Friend with Cancer: Thoughts About Supporting Recovery from Cancer with Diet and Breathing
by Judith Ames
The author offers a common thread discovered through her recent studies regarding the effects of daily lifestyle habits. Certain modifications, she suggests, could at least help a patient feel more calm and healthy, if not actually help in "quieting cancer."

Full version online only
Reactions to Sublingual Immunotherapy: An Analysis of a Group of Patients Who Developed Adverse Events over a Period of 5 Years

by Diego Saporta, MD
SLIT reactions are generally mild, but they appear to occur more frequently than reactions to the alternative: subcutaneous injection immunotherapy (SCIT). However, SLIT safety is undisputed; while SCIT carries a risk of severe reactions, including mortality, there has not been a single report of mortality due to SLIT administration.

Salicinium: Induced Apoptosis and Phagocytosis of Circulating Tumor Cells and Cancer Stem Cells
by Robert A. Eslinger, DO, HMD
The Reno Integrative Medical Center uses Salicinium, a complexed glycome molecule, for stage III and IV cancer patients, and has been more than pleased with the results. In the last year, the patient load has increased dramatically, and now results are backed up by a 967-patient report from RGCC labs in Greece.

Cannabinoids: Healing Agent for Integrative Medical Cancer Treatment
by Sean Devlin, HMD, DO
It is only a matter of time before pharmacology research and development will create a structured system for exacting cannabinoid dosage and delivery methods. The number of firsthand testimonials for cancer treatment is mounting; these accounts mesh with scientific data to make a powerful case for future research and clinical applications.

The Role of Infections in Celiac Disease
by William P. Stuppy, MD
Celiac disease is considered an autoimmune disorder, with increasing attention to the pathogenic role of food, gluten in particular. But in fact, a connection between parasitosis and celiac disease has been known for decades – but seems to have been forgotten.

Cancer and the Importance of Protein-Digesting Enzymes
by Mauris L. Emeka
This disease is a sure sign that the pancreas is not producing adequate enzymes. The good news is that we can do something about it, by consuming more foods that introduce enzymes into the body, instead of foods – such as cooked foods and animal products – that require it to manufacture critically needed enzymes. This approach, while not the whole answer, can definitely be part of the body's frontline defense against this dreaded disease.

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We Will See a Broader Health-Care Workforce
Elaine Zablocki

Optimizing Metabolism
Frontiers in Cancer Prevention
Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH

Literature Review & Commentary
Alan R. Gaby, MD

Anti-Aging Medicine
An Anti-Aging Approach to Skin Cancer Prevention
Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, and Robert Goldman, MD, PhD, DO

Healing with Homeopathy
Homeopathy for Fear of Flying
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, LCSW, and Robert Ullman, ND

Monthly Miracles
Poison Hemlock to the Rescue
Michael Gerber, MD, HMD

Environmental Medicine Update
Can Taking a Shower Make You Sick? Chemicals in Your Water
Marianne Marchese, ND

Women's Health Update
Screening Mammography Confusions and Yoga: Back to Basics
Tori Hudson, ND


Is It Really 'Adrenal Fatigue'?
Alan Gaby, MD

Guest Editorial
The New Cardiovascular Risk Factor Guidelines Require Patient Decisions
L. Terry Chappell

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Letters to the Editor

We Need to Go Back to Glass IV Bottles

PEO Solution Author's Response to Review



Book Review
Doctored Results
by Ralph Moss, PhD
review by Katherine Duff

  Book Review
The Good Fight

by Greg Holmes, PhD, and Katherine Roth, MD
review by Flora Biancalana, MD




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