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EDTA Chelation Therapy

Search our siteEditor's Note RE: Chelation Therapy An Alternative to Bypass Surgery
(A Patient’s Report by Dean Baxter, Director of Public Affairs • Arco Corporation • Houston, Texas)

Coronary artery bypass surgery is a definitive and final approach to increase oxygen supply to the heart. Most cardiologists agree that when all pharmaceutical modalities fail to increase oxygenation and reduce workload of the heart, a surgical bypass is indicated. Statistics reveal 75-90% of patients who are appropriate operative candidates and survive surgery have reduction or disappearance of angina symptoms. Whether or not bypass surgery prolongs life is controversial.
Relative mortality risk for bypass surgery is 4% for “good” surgical candidates. Nearly 20% of operated patients develop a heart attack during the recovering period.

The above statistics are under dispute. Some observers state mortality rates for bypass surgery are 7.2-11.8%. A study at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City indicates mortality rates at 4.5% for centers performing 200 or more surgeries yearly, 9% for those centers performing 100 to 200 cases, and 12% in centers performing less than 100 bypass surgeries. The risk of heart attack following bypass surgery is between 5% and 40%. Reports demonstrate that 15-30% of vein grafts (used in the bypass) become obstructed in one year.

There are research reports showing little or no beneficial improvement of heart muscle functioning after bypass surgery.

Financially, bypass coronary surgery is good business. In 1976, 80,000 patients underwent bypass surgery at an average cost of $32,000 for the surgery alone. This totals $3 billion yearly. If this trend continues, there can be nearly one-quarter million patients having the surgery in the upcoming years at an expense of $100 billion. Thus surgery provides a busy cardiac surgeon the opportunity to earn one to two million dollars each year.

With these medical and financial considerations in mind, we need alternative approaches for severe coronary artery disease. One process, known as EDTA chelation therapy, is an alternative to bypass surgery. The following report by Dean Baxter, a retired oil executive of Arco, provides some insights into this chelation process.

Jonathan Collin, M.D.

Reprinted from the Port Townsend Health Letter—Summer 1991

Jonathan Collin, MD

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Chelation Therapy

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