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From the Townsend Letter
December 2016

Anti-Aging Medicine
by Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, and
Robert Goldman, MD, PhD, DO, FAASP
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The Anti-Aging Revolution
The Centers for Disease Control reports that during the past 10 years, iatrogenic, or medically induced, errors have risen from the 4th to 3rd leading cause of death. These are now responsible for some 250,000 preventable deaths per year. This announcement comes on the heels of the top major insurance carriers' (UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, and Humana) announcing that they will exit Obamacare/Affordable Care Act as a failed experiment. It is now abundantly clear that traditional US health care needs a major overhaul.
Yet, every physician knows there is a better way – a more effective way of vastly improving true healing and health care for America, vs. government-mandated HMO disease-based care. Chasing after the highest-paying CPT code for maximum reimbursement, HC – and that answer is anti-aging medicine, with its undeniable record of improving both quality and quantity of human life.
With Obamacare failing, we'd like to remind you of a forecast that the academy made when the Affordable Care Act was first initiated in 2010. The A4M predicted that the time was well past for disease-based medical care and more of the same HMO services that had bankrupted America – and things would only get worse with more government bureaucracy.
H2AbsorbRegardless of the mega-steroid-like government infusion of cash and subsidies, satisfaction with US health care among physicians and patients is at an all-time low. For today's aging and expanding US populations, more disease-based, take-another-pill medicine was not a solution. Personalized preventive medicine is. Since our inception in 1991, the academy has trained over 150,000 health professionals who manage the health-care programs for tens of millions of patients worldwide.
The AMA recently announced that it would inaugurate a new medical school with new ideas leaning heavily on technology and computers to reform all of clinical care. That 25% of the curriculum would be brand new and that it would offer multiple prizes of $50,000 for suggestions and plans on how to repair and reform health care in US. So, while they recognize the problem, they don't seem to have the answers, and they are asking for somebody to tell them what needs to happen next. Clearly, there is a big problem with establishment medicine when iatrogenic disease causes 250,000 deaths annually, and adverse side effects of FDA-approved medications are responsible for another 100,000-plus annual mortality.
The worldwide revolution of anti-aging medicine, which in just the past 25 years has exploded onto the scene, has increased quality of life while improving quantity of life, such that the Anti-aging dividend resulted, as published by Harvard School of Public Health, the US Census Bureau, and the New Jersey Department of Public Health. The longevity dividend now stands at 24 years between the shortest-lived cohort of Americans, who are receiving free government-provided health care: the female American Indian population of South Dakota. Their average life expectancy is 66 years, vs. Asian women of Bergen County, New Jersey, averaging at 91. By utilizing the precepts and practices of anti-aging medical interventions, we now enjoy the longest lifespan on the planet at 90.5 years.
In less than 25 years, anti-aging preventive functional health care has changed our world and quite profoundly
Trends in Anti-Aging Medicine Investments
Since the discovery of aging genes in the 1990s, aging has been on the radars of scientists and investors alike. The longevity marketplace is poised for massive future growth, as until now the field has been dominated largely by private capital. Despite this fact, the anti-aging marketplace has been estimated to be 290 billion in 2015, with a compounded annual growth rate of 7.8 %. So, current growth trends indicate this market will exceed $1 trillion by 2025.
ProTheraAnti-aging/longevity sciences are the hottest new Wall Street and Silicone Valley investment trends. The likes of Google, AbbVie, Johnson & Johnson, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, IBM, Pfizer, and others anted up over $3 billion in the past year alone to stake their claims. The chairman of Novo Nordisk was recently quoted as saying that everything that the company now has in development has anti-aging benefits. Despite the economic downturn, consumers are spending money on anti-aging products, indicating that they prize the retention of their youthful looks and functions above all other areas of beauty and personal care.
Facts about the Aging Population
Worldwide, the number of people aged 60 and older will rise to 2 billion by 2050. By 2020, people 65 years and older will outnumber children younger than 5 years of age for the very first time in recorded history. Over the past 13 years, the upper class has gained 2 to 3 years of increased life extension. Ken Dychtwald, PhD, gerontologist, futurist, and author of
Age Wave, this year reported that the growing cohort of 65-year-old healthy seniors will expand the US economy by $8 billion over the next decade. He calls this the longevity bonus. Living younger to a very old age was once just a dream … thanks to anti-aging medicine, it is now a reality.
US Population Demographic
Today 90% of consumers self-report being strongly interested in learning how to achieve a healthful lifestyle. Just as we predicted 25 years ago, medicine is now at last finally transforming from the treatment of illness and disease into the prevention of pathology and enhancement and the extension of the human lifespan.
Welcome to the New Anti-Aging Revolution
The richest 1% of men in the UK are now living 20 years longer than the poorest 1%. In the US, that number is 15 years of added youthful lifespan. Jeanne Calment of France lived to age 122 years and 164 days. There is a recent report of an Indonesian man who claims to be the longest-living human in recorded history at the age of 145 years. Forty-five years ago, hospital intensive care units were packed with patients aged 50, 60, 65. And it was rare to find anyone living vitally and intact past age 75. In fact, the US president would send birthday salutations to the lucky few who survived to age 100. Today's survival to 100 is not so unique, and there are many people aged 110 still among us.
Also, while the record for human longevity stands with Calment, there are many compelling independently reported, yet unfortunately not fully documented, accounts from China, Brazil, and India of people living to 135 and older. The 100 years-plus super-centenarians are living proof that prodigious longevity is in fact possible.

Beware the Elite of Transhumanism
Transhumanism has been called the dark shadow of anti-aging medicine, or anti-aging medicine without a soul. However, anti-aging is broader than transhumanism. Anti-aging is dedicated to bringing the benefits of longevity to all of humanity – not just the 0.01%. The doctors of A4M will not allow our future to resemble Gattaca or Brave New World. This is not about privilege or banking or political advantage. The doctors of A4M are dealing with real-world issues such as degenerative disease and matters of life and death. We are not so much opposed to the transhumanist absolute and narrow focus on laboratory science versus clinical medicine, but rather the complete ignorance of the success that has already been proved by our primary care specialty.
It is as if transhumanism and the corporations that they influence must have a new unpatented technology to call their own, rather than finding existing answers to aging-related disease itself. The same people who criticized and opposed anti-aging medicine yesterday, insisting instead on healthy aging, age management, successful aging, and so on, today are attempting to claim leadership of our industry, their goal being to control the discussion and the direction of corporate and government longevity research funding.
We dare not let them, else anti-aging medicine will suffer the same fate as happened with the war on cancer 50 years and $1 trillion ago. If we know anything about longevity, it is this: aging is a multivariate, nutrition-, lifestyle-, and environmentally based condition. Single-drug magic-bullet solutions will not prevail. What we do already works, so why not expand and optimize on our doctors' real-world proven successes? Transhumanism has in fact created a push for basic science research that is beneficial to anti-aging. Before transhumanism is employed to create the Human 2.0, we should be continuing to optimize Human 1.0. Science has yet to show us what version 1.0 is fully capable of.
We are the founding force behind anti-aging and regenerative medicine as a clinical science. We must infiltrate and co-opt the transhumanist movement, as the future of anti-aging must not be held exclusively for the 0.01% elites who seem to be driving the longevity agenda in the media and the government today. These corporations need your guidance, your intelligence, your vision, your professionalism. It is your leadership which will win the day and determine the future direction of medicine, because it is only the physician scientists of this academy who have the insight, the courage, and the commitment to create the next great medical revolution, of youth at any age – for all of humanity.
To stay updated on the latest breakthroughs in natural approaches for women's health, visit the World Health Network (, the official educational website of the A4M and your one-stop resource for authoritative anti-aging information. Be sure to sign up for the free Longevity Magazine e-journal, the A4M's award-winning weekly health newsletter featuring wellness, prevention, and biotech advancements in longevity.

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