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February/March 2007


Web Page Potpourri
by Marjorie Roswell

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A column devoted to informative integrative health resources on the Internet


A Big List – Part One

This column features many of the best Web resources described in "Web Page Potpourri," from its first appearance in November 2002 until the spring of 2005. Next month, I'll compile the best web pages featured since then. (Part Two is now online.)


A Guide to Biomonitoring of Industrial Chemicals (887KB .pdf; 92 pages)

Agriculture Research Service Image Gallery

Alternative Medicine Homepage

Alternative Mental Health (Safe Harbor)

Alternative Mental Health Resource Page

American Massage Therapy Association

American Nurses Association Government Affairs Department

Autism Info

Ban Trans Fats

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. MD

Cancer Mortality Maps and Graphs

Cancer Prevention Coalition

The China Study

Colitis and Crohn's Health Recovery Service
2/2007: Full link no longer works.


Durian Palace

Environmental Working Group || Body Burden
(1.4 MB .pdf; 83 pages)


Fluoride Alert

Food is Elementary Curriculum

Food Safety Pictures

Google Groups

Health and Medicine in the News

Health Care Without Harm

Healthy People 2010

How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

Instant Atlas

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society

Intestinal Problems

Local Harvest

Lots of Links on Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Association

Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Lyme Disease Network

Mad Cow Disease

Mad Cow Disease: Plague of the 21st Century?

Mad Cows and Englishmen (a terrific poem)


Mercury Policy Center

Milk and the Cancer Connection: With Complete References for Researchers

Museum of Menstruation

National Biomonitoring Program

National Vaccine Information Center

Natural Healers

New York Times News Tracker

Nutrient Density Data

Nutritional Quality of Organic Versus Conventional Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains
(174 KB .pdf; 13 page)

Obesity Trends Among US Adults

Organic Consumers Association

Precautionary Principle
2/2007: Link no longer works

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

PCRM Healthy School Lunch Campaign

Physicians for a National Health Plan

Project Vote Smart

Prostate Cancer and Milk


Questions and Answers about Trans Fat Nutrition Labeling

Raw Food Before and After

Raw Food Recipes

Raw Vegan Potlucks

Resources for Creating Public Health Maps

Reference Scout

Responsible Wealth

The Right-to-Know Network

Source Watch

Stanford Web Credibility Research

Stem Cell Information

Stop Cancer Before It Starts
(191 KB .pdf; 66 pages)

Stop Ticks on People

Strong Bones

The Meatrix

Think Twice

TrueNorth Health

Trans Free America

United for a Fair Economy

Vaccination Debate

Vaccine Information and Awareness

Vaccination State Exemption Laws

Vaccine Website

Video of Downer Cow

Wayback Machine

Web Accessibility

Web Usability

What's Wrong with Dairy Products? (90 KB .pdf; 2 pages)

Wikipedia: Alternative Medicine

Marjorie Roswell is a web developer at a health policy organization in Baltimore.

Marjorie Roswell
3443 Guilford Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21218

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