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January 2010
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Letter from the Publisher

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT): Common Issues and Solutions
by Jonathan V. Wright, MD; Leah Alvarado-Paz, ND;
Terra Sowinski, ND; and Ronald Steriti, ND, PhD

If a patient isn't getting relief, the problem may be steroid hyperexcretion. Dr. Wright and colleagues discuss this and the related topic of testosterone hyperaromatization, as well as cancer risk factors for women and men.

Alternative Strategies for the Flu Pandemic
by Stephen Holt, MD
In a prescient article written last year, Dr. Holt goes beyond the conventional prevention advice to focus on enhancing the body's biodefenses, giving specific recommendations on nutrition and other lifestyle factors.

Using Laboratory Testing to Identify a Toxic Burden
by Walter J. Crinnion, ND
We are all toxic – the question is whether toxins relate to the present illness. And the best way to help the patient is by testing before treating. If an exposure isn't identified, it may be impossible to attain wellness; and knowing the specific toxin can help in designing an effective treatment protocol.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
by Steen Hviid, MS
While electromagnetic frequencies may pose a health hazard for all, some people experience more severe symptoms from these ubiquitous fields. As an illness, EHS has only recently been recognized, and while research has brought interesting results, these need to be verified so that sufferers can get the help they need.

Food Intolerance Causes Obesity And Premature Aging
by Roger Deutsch
Food intolerance, while not as extreme as allergy, may well be a major factor in the excessive production of immune chemicals that interfere with normal metabolism, as well as many degenerative diseases.


Integrator Blog
Why Isn't NCCAM's 10th Year Anniversary Symposium
Focusing on Real-World Outcomes?
by John Weeks

by Jule Klotter

Pathways to Healing
Functional Medicine: A New Approach to Clinical Care
by Elaine Zablocki

War on Cancer
Hyperthermia Moves to Fore as CAM Treatment of Cancer
by Ralph Moss, PhD

Anti-Aging Medicine
Anti-Aging Lifestyle Choices Help to Promote Men's Health
by Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, and Robert Goldman, MD, PhD, DO

Literature Review & Commentary
by Alan R. Gaby, MD

Environmental Medicine Update
Environmental Causes of Cancer
by Marianne Marchese, ND

Townsend's New York Observer|
Knockout, Suzanne Somers's New Book on Cancer, and
Patient-Oriented Currents in Medicine
by Marcus A. Cohen

Naturopathic Perspectives
by Jason Barker, ND

Optimizing Metabolism
Male Infertility: Exploring Causes and Treatments
by Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH

Chelation Corner
Saliva and Fecal Metal Testing
by E. Blaurock-Busch, PhD

Healing with Homeopathy
Homeopathy for Knee ACL Injuries
by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, and Robert Ullman, ND

Exercise is Medicine
New Insights on Exercise for Weight Loss
by Jade Teta, ND, CSCS, and Keoni Teta, ND, LAc, CSCS

Oxygen Homeostasis
Thought Reforms: Rationing, Rationality, Rights and Responsibility
A National Health Corps – Part 2
by Majid Ali, MD

Chinese Medicine Update
Transurethral Resection of the Prostate and Zhu Ling Tang
by Bob Flaws, LAc

Women's Health Update
by Tori Hudson, ND


Preventing and Treating Influenza with Natural Medicine
Alan R. Gaby, MD

Letters to the Editor

Iron Overload

Natural Thyroid

Clear Eyes – No Cuts

In the News

Integrative Medicine Program Achieves Center Status

Douglas Laboratories Introduces Probiotic for Mothers and Babies Finds Many Probiotics Don't Deliver Listed Ingredients


Lessons from the Miracle Doctors
by Jon Barron
review by Katherine Duff


Cranial Laser Reflex Technique Basic and Advanced Kits
review by Jule Klotter







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