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January 2012

How to Accurately Identify Georadiation Stress Burdens and Reliably Eliminate Them
by Dr. Reimar Banis
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Nocturnal stresses caused by georadiation (geopathies) play a large role in naturopathic medicine. Only after one's bed has been relocated from a disturbance zone to a stress-free location can the organism recover and once again react normally to therapeutic stimuli. Thus people who do not respond well to therapy are suffering from georadiation. If they start sleeping at a stress-free location, they will sleep more deeply and wake up refreshed, feeling generally more resilient and lively. Many ailments and disorders directly related to georadiation stress improve or disappear entirely, such as exhaustion and pain states, restlessness and nervous tension, sleep disorders, nightmares, and nocturnal bedwetting. Basically, the list of ailments and disorders related to georadiation can be extended almost infinitely. Many people only regain true health when they have this stress – which mainly causes hidden damage – accurately diagnosed by trained professionals and then properly eliminated.

As we know, the big problem with georadiation as a topic is the high level of uncertainty in detection, and then the reliable elimination of these disturbances. Patients often tell me, after I have diagnosed georadiation stress in their cases, that they have already tried three dowsers with three different results. Many patients, therefore, consider the whole thing to be extremely subjective, with the more critical ones dismissing it as superstitious nonsense – which in my opinion goes much too far, although it can be viewed as the expression of understandable disappointment. Obviously, patients don't want to throw their money out the window; they expect trustworthy recommendations from their therapist, in order to get healthier. Added to this, later, is the great uncertainty as to how georadiation is eliminated and whether shielding equipment might be enough to do the job. This too is a highly controversial area that has been detrimental to the credibility of the entire subject of georadiation.

Despite all the uncertainties, georadiation is an enormously important harmful factor, the elimination of which there is no getting around. If one wishes to be a truly serious naturopathic therapist, one needs to find ways and means – despite the uncertainties – of correctly recognizing the problem and permanently eliminating it. My decades of experience as a physician, as well as that of colleagues operating along similar lines, have shown that georadiation can be reliably detected and just as reliably eliminated. How, specifically, this is done is what I would like to describe in this article.

Diagnosing Geopathies
First comes accurate detection of georadiation stress. In practice, this is done on the one hand by inquiring about ailments and complaints that are typically georadiation related. The problem here is that many people don't feel anything directly, either because they have gotten used to their condition or are relatively insensitive to it, but who suffer from the secondary effects. The inquiry therefore sometimes yields indications, but no secure insights. For many people, georadiation stress can be seen directly in their sleep-deprived facial expressions, but even that can be misleading. Sometimes the indication of geopathy comes from the illnesses of other people who earlier slept in that same bed and who became severely ill in the same bed location.

The surest path to detection is a positive response to specific test ampoules during energetic testing of the patient. If, for example, one places a test ampoule containing homeopathic agents in the patient's hand, which correspond vibrationally to the georadiation, the organism responds with a kinesiological weakening of the previously strong arm. The idea here is, logically, that the organism already has this kind of stress burden and it's only with an effort that it can energetically compensate more of the same. When a patient with georadiation stress is subjected to vibrations like that of his stress burden, it becomes too much for him and his arm becomes kinesiologically weaker. Healthy persons, on the other hand, practically never exhibit such reactions.

Tried and proven test ampoules include Geovita, Silicea D 60 as single remedy, or Polyan blue, yellow, and red. If Geovita (with which I have decades of experience) responds, there is a 98% certainty of the presence of a significant georadiation stress burden, as cross-checks in the form of examinations by experienced dowsers have shown. In an estimated 1% to 2% of cases, Geovita does not test out even though a dowser finds georadiation stress. Thus, Geovita, like any other diagnostic technique, is not 100% reliable, but at a very high percentage, which permits making very sure statements. Sometimes Geovita doesn't test out until the second visit months later. Possibly in some people, the organism first has to become once again capable of reacting; for example, as one dissolves the emotional conflicts with Psychosomatic Energetics or stabilizes the organism in some other way, before it can respond to Geovita. 

Figure 1: Dowser Hans Zurn (engineering degree) examines a bed site. On the bed, disturbed areas are delimited with rods.

When Geovita tests out, I always recommend engaging a reliable and experienced dowser to confirm my initial diagnosis and then to relocate the bed to a neutral area. As a rule, a bedside examination lasts one to two hours, and demands a great deal of care (Figure 1, p. 75). Many patients are reluctant to spend the money for the examination, but no other procedure has proven satisfactory; that is, randomly placing the bed somewhere else, because it is too uncertain. Also, shielding with cork, straw, silk, and other inexpensive natural materials is only short-term effective, practically never long-term, which is why I, like all experienced and serious dowsers whom I know, completely reject them. There is an entire shielding industry that makes a living off the cluelessness of so many people, because ultimately tests by good dowsers have shown that, without exception, all of this stuff is worthless, no matter how enticing the testimonials may sound. When it comes to georadiation, therefore, there really is only one thing to do: find a neutral location and sleep there.

A reliable dowser is one who, when examining the bed site, regularly determines maximum zones in the bed that empirically match up precisely with the patient's complaints and ailments, comparable to an X-ray, without the dowser's having previously known about them. Patients are always very surprised, because they had not expected such a high degree of precision and specificity. My experience has shown, unfortunately, that in the dowsing profession there are very few whose work is so highly reliable. Therefore, as a therapist, one should check out dowsers to determine which ones are able to deliver this quality level, and recommend dowsers only from this subset.

Medicinal Help and Relocation Reaction
For many skeptical patients, their improvement after taking Geovita has enabled me to build up sufficient trust that they finally agree to a bed site examination. They thereby feel quite clearly how strongly the georadiation affects them, but the solution can only consist in the elimination of the georadiation, since medication-based shielding is just as much to be rejected as any other pseudosolution. Geovita as a medication, or stinging nettle tea, formic acid embrocations, mistletoe tea, and similar plant substances that thrive in geopathic zones, can sometimes reduce the so-called relocation reaction that can appear for a few days, when one first sleeps again in a stress-free bed site.

Monitoring Bed Site Detoxification
Experience has shown that it takes four weeks until Geovita no longer responds in follow-up testing. When Geovita no longer tests positive, one may confidently assume that the georadiation stress burden has been permanently eliminated. Plus, all symptoms provoked by georadiation are also improved. Previously ineffective therapies respond once again, and the patient continues to get better and better. Summing up, one can now speak in terms of a successful bed-site detoxification process. The long-term results hold up, as a rule, unless a severe earthquake or strong shaking due to nearby construction work or suchlike alter the subter­ranean situation – but this is extremely rare.

My 30 years of experience with hundreds of patients, as well as that of other therapists working in this field, have shown, time and time again, that georadiation is an enormously significant pathogenic factor which is often not properly recognized and treated. It plays a role in a third of all patients. In order to become and remain healthy over the long term, experience has shown that a bed free of georadiation is very important. To reliably detect a geopathic stress zone, certain test ampoules (Geovita) have proven helpful. A reliable dowser, who regularly and accurately finds maximal zones and does not use shielding but instead can find neutral locations, is then recommended to the patient, to check out suspicion of georadiation on site, and then suggest a stress-free bed site. After four weeks, it can be determined whether the bed relocation was successful: the Geovita test ampoule will no longer respond and the patient will be noticeably better with respect to georadiation-related symptoms. Medical experience has shown that a bed site free of georadiation is just as important to maintenance of good health as physical activity or diet. Reimar Banis
Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin
Zum Scheidberg 9
D 66798 Wallerfangen

Reimar Banis
Reimar Banis, MD, ND, has been a naturopath since 1975 and an MD since 1985 (US MD certification through ECFMG, 1984). He conducted research with such experts as Prof. H. Heim in electroacupucture and Dr. Schimmel, developer of the Vega Test, and codeveloped "segmentelectrography" and "thermoregulation." This knowledge combined with extensive research on energy medicine and energy psychology led him to create Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE). Dr. Banis has practiced as a general practitioner since 1985.


Geovita test ampoules are supplied by Terra Medica/Washington (; the ampoule is contained in Supplementary and Basic Test Kit).  Polyan is produced by Fa. Ritsert, Eberbach/Neckar, Germany.

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