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From the Townsend Letter
January 2016

Next-Generation Sequencing and Infectious Diseases
by Stephen E. Fry, MS, MD
Fry Laboratories, LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Figure 2 displays a typical result in a patient with CFS. We currently are developing a collaborative relationship with the Los Alamos National Research Laboratory investigating and documenting the presence of advanced microbes in chronic disease.

NGS systems will not replace culture systems in the near term, but it is likely that this technology will become a mainstay in the clinical microbiology arena with culture, microscopy, and serology serving as an adjunct. Eventually NGS systems will most likely replace both standard and quantitative PCR. Microscopy, serology, and emerging metabolomics will play a role in organism detection and identification; however, there is general agreement that NGS systems will dominate the infectious disease arena this decade.

Dr. Fry owns and directs Fry Laboratories LLC, a clinical diagnostics laboratory, and is a central developer of the RIDI system.

I would like to thank Dr. Jeremy Ellis for review of this manuscript.

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