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Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients' July 2003
Table of Contents
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Probiotics and Enzyme Therapy for Sports

by Mark A. Brudnak, PhD, ND
This researcher finds new uses for probiotics' ability to build healthy lean muscle, detoxify and aid digestion. The anti-inflammatory effect of enzymes is helpful in sports injuries, as well.

Does Glutathione Enhance Exercise Performance? A Case Study
by William D. Misner, PhD
Repletion of glutathione levels in this study led to substantial performance gains in endurance training athletes.

Trigger Point Acupuncture and Sports Injuries Exciting New Developments!
by Stephen J. Kaufman, DC
This practicing chiropractic physician has evolved a more streamlined technique Eight Needle acupuncture which has proven to be a highly effective treatment for musculoskeletal disorders.

Chronic Fatigue, Aging, Mitochondrial Function and Nutritional Supplements
by Prof. Garth L. Nicolson
It is known that oxidative damage to mitochondria related to aging, causes fatigue. There are many antioxidants now such as Alpha-lipoic acid, CoQ10, and vitamins C and E, that can reverse this functional decline.

Biometric Analysis of Controlled Clinical Study for Sleep Formulation on Multiple Parameters of Aging-Related Dysfunctions
by Marcelo Suarez, MD, Prof. Seung-Yup Ku, MD and Gabriela Marinescu, BS
Sleep disorders are a growing symptom of our unhealthy diet and stressful lifestyle. This study assesses the importance of restoring restful, rejuvenative sleep with a natural formulation that "resets" our endogenous melatonin rhythm.

Current Recommended Safe Levels of Vitamin A Intake Do Not Cause Increased Fracture Rate
by Dennis Meiss, PhD and Elmer Cranton, MD
Close examination of recent reports suggesting a link between excessive Vitamin A and risk of fracture, reveals flawed analysis of the data. Inadequate vitamin D may be an important factor.

Sugar, Sweet Suicide Part I
by Gary Null, PhD
The most pervasive and possibly the most hazardous ingredient in our modern diet sugar has been added to every prepared food we buy. Research shows that it is addictive and leads to obesity and diabetes, and contributes to cancer, cardiovascular disease, ADHD and delinquency.

SARS: Plans to Minimize the Risk of Viral Respiratory Infections "It's all a Matter of Susceptibility"
by Chris D. Meletis, ND and Jason Barker, ND
Keep your immune system strong with herbs and mushrooms from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), proven to stimulate the immune system.

Eulogy: David Horrobin, MD, PhD


Prescription-drug Toxicity: A Major Epidemic
by Alan R. Gaby, MD

Federal Trade Commission Policing Alternative Medicine Approaches to SARS
by Jonathan Collin, MD

Guest Editorial: Why America May be Overconfident about SARS and its Worsening Global Trend
by Raymond Kwong, Health Lecturer


News & Views Hot Off the Wire
by Arline Brecher

Shorts briefed by Jule Klotter

Literature Review & Commentary
by Alan R. Gaby, MD

The War on Cancer
by Ralph W. Moss, PhD

Health Risks & Environmental Issues
Atrazine's Assault on Health and the Environment
by Rose Marie Williams, MA

Chinese Medicine Update
The Integrated Chinese-Western Medical Treatment of Intracranial Hematomas Due to Traumatic Injury
by Bob Flaws, Dipl. Ac & CH, FNAAOM, FRCHM

Medical Anthropology
Hypothyroidism, Temperature Regulation, and Ethnoscience
by Tim Batchelder, BA

Medicinal Properties in Whole Foods
Consuming Whole Foods in their Raw, Uncooked State: A Personal Interview with Raw Food Nutrition Expert, David Wolfe
by Gina L. Nick, PhD, ND

Phytotherapy Review & Commentary
Neuroendocrine Effects of Over-training Syndrome in Endurance Athletes
by Andrew Grant, guest author

Healing with Homeopathy
Think Homeopathy for Sports Injuries
by Judyth Reichenberg and Robert Ullman, NDs

Medical Journalist Report of Innovative Biologics
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injury
by Morton Walker, DPM

Highly Effective Treatments for Pain and Fatigue
Treating Hormonal Deficiencies in Fibromyalgia and CFS
by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Piriformis Syndrome & Acupuncture
by Honora Lee Wolfe, Dipl, Ac., Lic. Ac., FNAAOM

Marketing Tips: What is Positioning for Success?
by Terra Wellington

Web Page Potpourri
by Marjorie Roswell

Women's Health Update
Sports Supplementation for Women
by Tori Hudson, ND, Professor

Nutritional Influences on Illness
Accelerating the Healing of Injuries with Nutrients
by Melvyn R. Werbach, MD

Letters to the Editor

The Doctor as Patient

Cancer Back to Basics

Correction Notices

The Origin of the Atkins Diet

Further Strategies in Treating Advanced Cancer

Chelation Article Critiqued

West Nile Virus Heads West

Bowen Therapy: An Innovative Modality that Completes Our Holistic Practice

The Mineral that Could Have Saved 4 Million Women

American Heart Association Diet Bad for Heart

von Recklinghausen Disease

In the News


Standard Process Opens Learning Center

Low Quality Ingredient Appears Widespread Among Ginkgo Supplements

UCLA Researchers Find Garlic has Ability to Reduce Heart Disease Risk Factors

Nutrition Experts Renew Focus on the Health Risks of Trans Fatty Acids


Toxic Food Syndrome by Jeffrey S. Zavik
review by Morton Walker, DPM

Arthritis and Its Homeopathic Treatment
Excerpted from Homeopathic Family Medicine
by Dana Ullman, MPH

Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease
by Dr. Dean Ornish
review by Stephen Byrnes, PhD, RNCP

The Miracle of Natural Hormones
by David Brownstein, MD
review by David Goldstein, MD

Botanical Medicines: The Desk Reference for Major Herbal Supplements
by Dennis J. McKenna, PhD; Kenneth Jones; Kerry Hughes, MSc, with Sheila Humphrey, IBCLC
review by Jule Klotter

Dangerous Grains, Why Gluten Cereal Grains May be Hazardous to Your Health
by James Braly, MD and Ron Hoggan, foreword by Jonathan Wright, MD
review by Beatrice Trum Hunter

Healing Without Fear: How to Overcome Your Fear of Doctors, Hospitals, and the Health Care system and Find Your Way to True Healing
by Laurel Ann Reinhardt, PhD; foreword by James Jealous, DO
review by Irene Alleger


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