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July 2011
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Radioactive Pollution
by Perry A. Chapdelaine Sr.
Online publication only

Information Sources Survey, US Integrative Medicine/CAM Practitioners
Compiled by William Cassady
Online publication only

Letter from the Publisher

Thirty Years of Progress in Cardiovascular Health
by Michael Gerber, MD, HMD, MD (H)
In this reprise from 2006, a long-experienced practitioner offers a comprehensive catalogue of nontoxic therapies for the prevention and reversal of heart disease.

Practical Use of Probiotics and Prebiotics
by Stephen Olmstead, MD; Dennis Meiss, PhD; and Janet Ralston, BS
Probiotics are an effective approach to treating many gastrointestinal and systemic diseases. Consumption of probiotics is safe in a variety of patient populations and clinical scenarios. This article reviews the evidence and offers recommendations for treatment of antibiotic-associated diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, atopic diseases, and genitourinary disorders.

Bacteria-Focused Treatments in Lyme Disease May be Incorrect
by David A. Jernigan, BS, DC
Research suggests that in many of the people who experience long-term recovery from chronic Lyme disease, treating the bacteria and coinfections played only a secondary role in their recovery. This article proposes a biocentric, rather than microbe-centric, approach to treatment.

Myasthenia Gravis and Mercury
by Sylvan Caditz, PhD
Conventional treatment of this autoimmune disorder focuses only on ameliorating symptoms, proposing no cure. This article suggests focusing instead on the possible cause of the pathology: mercury poisoning, especially via dental amalgam fillings.

The Advantages of Diagnosing Chronic Lyme Disease With ART
by Connie Strasheim
Lab tests are inadequate for discerning infections in chronic Lyme disease, and they don't reveal enough about the body's biochemical processes to provide the information that practitioners need to heal their patients. But an approach called Autonomic Response Testing, which reveals the nervous system's response to stressors, can provide more comprehensive answers.

Vegetarianism – Part 1: A Philosophical and Historical Perspective
by Gary Null, PhD, and Martin Feldman, MD
The authors review the history and variations of this lifestyle, discussing religious background and well-known historical figures.

The FDA Is Targeting Vitamin C: An Opinion – Part 2
by Owen R. Fonorow
Physicians will now have to get their IV solution in small quantities from pharmacies, or make it themselves. The silver lining to this situation is that more may choose to adopt the Dr. Robert F. Cathcart's superior method, whose benefits are clearly demonstrated in this case report of mercury poisoning treated with IV/C.

Gulf War Syndrome: A Deadly Legacy
by Gary Null and Mitzi Flade
Thousands of our soldiers and civilians in the Gulf War theater have been exposed to experimental vaccines, depleted uranium, and many other known toxins; our own government experimented on them with unstudied vaccines and unapproved medications. But for nearly 20 years, the VA has denied that this syndrome exists.

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Anti-Aging Medicine
Beware The Air: Anti-Aging Advisory on Harmful Indoor Air Pollutants
Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, and Robert Goldman, MD, PhD, DO

Jule Klotter

Literature Review & Commentary
Alan R. Gaby, MD

Monthly Miracles
Gallbladder Rescue
Michael Gerber, MD, HMD

Pathways to Healing
iMosaic Conference Offers Broad Exploration of Integrative Medicine
Elaine Zablocki

Townsend's New York Observer
Carrageenan: Pervasive Food Additive that Causes Cancer, Wipes Out Macrophages, and Suppresses Interferon
Marcus A. Cohen

Integrative Medicine Perspective by Dr. Julie
Are You Spending Money Putting Toxins in Your Body?
Julie Chen, MD

Optimizing Metabolism
Skipping Stones: Using Diet and Nutrients to Prevent Kidney Stones
Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH

Healing with Homeopathy
Homeopathy for Morning Sickness
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, and Robert Ullman, ND

Exercise is Medicine
Metabolic Conditioning
Jade Teta, ND, CSCS, and Keoni Teta, ND, LAc, CSCS

Women's Health Update
Breast Cancer and Environmental Medicine
Tori Hudson, ND


Drugging Our Children
Alan R. Gaby, MD

Letters to the Editor

Test Result Supports Gluten/Autism Hypothesis

Seeking Experience with Desiccated Thyroid

My Quest for Health

In the News

The Hidden Wikipedia: How to Find Deleted Material about Nutritional Medicine

Americans 'Almost' Free of Toxic Mercury Fillings

Problems Discovered with Eight Vitamin D Supplements



Book Review
Food and Nutrition
by Mark Wahlqvist
review by Donald Scott, ND, DO





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