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Townsend Letter
July 2014
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Letter from the Publisher
by Jonathan Collin, MD

A Compounding Dilemma: New Laws and Regulations Threaten Compounded Drugs and Practitioner Freedom
by Gretchen DuBeau, Esq.
The FDA is making a list of drugs to ban from being compounded. What can providers and patients do? The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA) explains the dilemma and discusses how to support the group's efforts to preserve access to compounded medicines.

Slytherin and Coleslaw
by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO
Just as the snakelike sound of J. K. Rowling's fictional house name instinctually evokes a sense of menace, so we instinctively find appealing the use of raw, macerated cabbage to accompany barbecued meats – as it turns out to have specific health benefits.

Going Beyond Lyme Disease to Uncover the Causes of Chronic Illness in People with Borreliosisand Coinfections
by Connie Strasheim
People with chronic Lyme disease often have other infections besides the commonly recognized borreliosis, babesiosis, Bartonella, mycoplasma, and ehrlichiosis; and Lyme can masquerade as a many different illnesses and syndromes. But other infections can sometimes be more important in the overall symptom picture.

Lyme, Neurotoxins, and Hormonal Factors: Wayne Anderson, ND, and Robert Gitlin, DO
An interview with Nancy Faass, MSW, MPH
Two experts, a naturopath and an osteopath, offer perspectives on how guiding hormone therapy in the Lyme patient differs from treating other patients, given that intracellular infections have their own unique effects on the endocrine system.

Osteopathic Approaches to Lyme
by Robert Gitlin, DO
Treatment of Lyme and coinfections is most effective with a multidisciplinary approach, and osteopathic physicians are well prepared to support this effort. Rather than going to a series of providers for physical medicine, patients can see a DO trained in multiple "hands-on" modalities that can help reduce inflammation, support lymphatic drainage, and increase detoxification.

From Lyme Disease to Addiction: How to Energetically Restore the Neuroendocrine-Immune System
by Dalal Akoury, MD
This article discusses the pathophysiology of degenerative neurological and addiction-spectrum diseases associated with Lyme disease, attempting to unravel the fundamental role of restoring cellular energy in the treatment of both Lyme disease and addiction.

Mold and Mycotoxins: Often Overlooked Factors in Chronic Lyme Disease
by Scott Forsgren with Neil Nathan, MD, and Wayne Anderson, ND
Environmental exposure to toxic molds and the production of mycotoxins resulting from fungal colonization in the body can be significant in terms of symptom presentation, as well as both the severity and duration of the illness. The article focuses on three mycotoxins that can be readily measured via laboratory testing, providing a useful tool for practitioners working with patients with mold-associated illnesses.

Epigenetics and Genetics: Are Our Ancestors to Blame For Susceptibility to Modern Disease?
by Chris D. Meletis, ND, and Kimberly Wilkes
Why do some people contract infectious disease while others do not? And why is there such a discrepancy in the severity of symptoms? The answers may be found not only in an individual's genetic susceptibility, but also in the person's environment, diet, and lifestyle – and those of their ancestors.

Testing T-Cell Response for the Improved Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme Disease
by Mark Menolascino, MD, MS, ABIHM, ABAARM
Although Lyme is the fastest-growing vector-borne disease, atypical presentation and inaccurate testing often lead to underreporting. Patients not receiving adequate treatment may develop chronic infection or late-stage Lyme diseases. To reduce false negatives, the author recommends a specific two-pronged approach, detailed here.

Townsend Calendar


Jule Klotter

Pathways to Healing
Vitamins and Supplements: Useful Tools
Elaine Zablocki

Literature Review & Commentary
Alan R. Gaby, MD

Anti-Aging Medicine
An Anti-Aging Perspective on Infection Protection
Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, and Robert Goldman, MD, PhD, DO

Optimizing Metabolism
Dairy Recommendations: Finding the Right Whey for Your Patients with Skin Disorders
Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH

Orthopedic/Sports Medicine
Stem Cell Prolotherapy: Alternative to Joint Replacement –The Future Is Now
Peter A. Fields, MD, DC

Exercise is Medicine
Enhancing Athletic Performance: Part 3
Jade Teta, ND, CSCS, and Keoni Teta, ND, LAc, CSCS

Women's Health Update
Skin Aging, Psoriasis, and Radiation Dermatitis
Tori Hudson, ND


Do Selenium and Vitamin E Cause Prostate Cancer?
Alan Gaby, MD

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Nothing for this month

Letters to the Editor

Prediabetes Reversal

Intelligent Medicine Held the Answer



Book Review
Herbal Antivirals
by Stephen Harrod Buhner
review by Katherine Duff





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