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From the Townsend Letter
July 2016

Book Review
The Vaccination Debate: A Naturopathic Perspective
review by Thomas A. Kruzel, ND
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Vaccination and Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words,
edited by Sussanna Czeranko, ND, BBE
NCNM Press; 49 SW Porter St. Portland, Oregon 97201;
© 2016; $27.95; 400 pp

The issues regarding vaccinations in the modern era are many and varied but still have their roots embedded in the philosophical differences spawned by the germ and terrain theories from over a century ago. One would think, over the past almost two centuries of an often heated and passionate debate, that some amount of rational thinking, science, and clinical outcomes based compromise would have been reached. But as we have most recently witnessed, no such rational compromise or civility exists.
This is where
Vaccination and Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words helps one to understand that the roots of this debate, especially in naturopathic medicine, go very deep. Not only are the differences philosophical in nature but as well based on science, common sense, and issues of personal choice and right of self-determination. Czeranko's writing, as well as her selection of the voices of the forefathers and -mothers of the antivaccination movement from its inception, allow the reader to understand that this movement was never just about adverse reactions to vaccinations, but aslo a reaction against the scientific community's inability to assess the evidence of harm, as well as comprehend a political and pharmaceutical industry dogma that at times defied reason.
These are the issues still seen in the modern era, as the pharmaceutical industry, bolstered by government policies and mass media hysteria, continues to fan the flames of fear and ignorance in order to maintain profits at the expense of our children and public health.
Reading Czeranko's book took me back to my scientific, political, and humanistic roots and reminded me why naturopaths, as well as many medical and osteopathic doctors, have over the years vigorously opposed mandatory vaccination. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has not yet settled the vaccination question for themselves.
Often we become immune to the mind-numbing cacophony of incessant dialog aimed at convincing all of us that scientific evidence and rational thinking are not to be believed with regard to the ill effects of vaccination, only to be reminded again that it is very real when we see the damage done to children and their families

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