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From the Townsend Letter
July 2019

International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM) Meeting – A Message from Your Heart
by John Parks Trowbridge, MD, FACAM
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Training Front Line Leaders
ICIM Office Support Staff Leader Natalie Patierno, NP, of Cumming, Georgia, chaired a two-day workshop sharing practical aspects of nursing assessment, clinical recordkeeping, and assembly, performance, and management of various intravenous therapies. Staff and patient safety procedures for all practices are important and are increasingly expected by federal and state regulators. Key elements of staff satisfaction include identifying your natural leaders and promoting effective communications.

ICIMEnvironmental Vasculotoxic Insults
As ToxHealth adds dozens of new reports daily on the contribution that toxic heavy metals make in the development and extension of degenerative diseases, ICIM hosted a two-day chelation therapy program, Basic and Advanced Training in Heavy Metal Toxicology, chaired by John Parks Trowbridge, MD, FACAM, of Houston, Texas.

L. Terry Chappell, MD, of Bluffton, Ohio, and Conrad Maulfair, DO, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, shared personal experiences and extensive historical data on development of safe and effective metal removal treatment protocols to reverse the ravages of occlusive cardiovascular disease that kills millions of Americans each year.

Past president Charles Adams, MD, (left) recognizes program chair and president Eric Born, DO, for an outstanding meeting. Adams and Born

Doing heavy lifting for the meetings, Joseph Hickey, MD, of Hilton Head, South Carolina, shared published references and clinical experience on the largely ignored topic of gadolinium (MRI contrast) toxicity and the relationship of toxic heavy metals and cancer as well as other degenerative diseases.
Richard Plumb, DO, of Troy, Ohio, presented increasingly persuasive evidence on cardiovascular diseases treated by chelation therapy and troubling details on lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic toxicities.
BDNF EssentialsCharles Adams, MD, of Ringgold, Georgia, reviewed the current socioeconomic situation with regard to insurance (non)coverage, power wielded by hospital systems, and interesting challenges of demonstrating the science of chelation treatments to prospective patients.
Eric Born, DO, of Kalamazoo, Michigan, gave a delightful presentation on treatment quandaries, reviewing dosages of chelating medications, preferred routes of administration, and supplementation needed to avoid deficiency issues and to promote better outcomes.
Since mercury toxicity is increasingly recognized as a major contributor to degenerative diseases, finding safe and effective approaches to prevent or reduce its impact are essential. Emeritus chair of chemistry at the University of Kentucky and lifelong chelation chemist, Boyd Haley, PhD, gave a fascinating update on progress toward FDA approval for marketing once again his natural-based mercury chelator. With increasing confirmation of specific metabolic interruptions in virtually all organ systems devastated by lingering mercury concentrations, genuine improvements for debilitating conditions are better understood.
Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, of Ashburn, Virginia, shared perspectives on D-penicillamine as an oral chelator, one that was available readily until just the past few years. One major contribution provided by D-Pen is the ability to get a general indication of total body toxic burden by performing the Jaffe challenge test and collecting urine. The utility of this simple approach cannot be overstated.
LivOnDrawing on over 20 years of treating patients with chelation therapy, Robban Sica, MD, of Westport, Connecticut, presented a comprehensive review of pitfalls in patient assessment, treatment planning, and protocols for safety and effectiveness.
Ellie Campbell, DO, of Cumming, Georgia, offered a complete overview of practical treatment planning, assembling and administering the IV treatments whether chelation or nutritional in nature.
Honoring the ICIM commitment to patient education, general counsel John J. Richardson, Esq., of Chicago, Illiniois, offered insights into the keys to patient satisfaction and the desirability for a clear and comprehensive chelation treatment consent form.
As clinical research shows that oxygenation procedures produce increasingly positive results, internationally acknowledged experts Robert Rowen, MD, of Santa Rosa, California, and Howard Robins, DPM, of New York, New York, hosted a one-day meeting on Fundamentals and Principles of Ozone Therapy. Infections, inflammatory conditions, and pain treatments were reviewed in the context of expanding the reach of an integrative medicine practice.

Soriano and Chappell

Board advisor Jeannette Soriano, MD, (left) of Banff, Alberta, Canada, congratulates executive director Wendy Chappell, MBA, on another successful ICIM meeting.

This 66th meeting of the International College of Integrative Medicine garnered outstanding reviews not only from members but also from dozens of new attendees. The next meeting, "Healthy Parents, Healthy Children," is scheduled for October 23 – 27, 2019, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. To schedule your attendance, visit To connect with speakers for further details on their excellent presentations or to exhibit at our meeting, contact Wendy Chappell-Dick, executive director, at 419-303-9768, or

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John Parks Trowbridge, MD, FACAM
Past President and Advisor to the Board of Directors, ICIM
Life Celebrating Health, Humble (Houston), Texas
Marquis Who'sWho Top Doctor in Advanced Medicine
Marquis Who'sWho Lifetime Achievement Award

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