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From the Townsend Letter
May 2017

Ask Dr. J
Treating Seasonal Allergies Utilizing NAET
by Jim Cross, ND, LAc
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When I first learned NAET/Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, I was practicing in Sacramento, California. The central valley of California is hell for allergy sufferers much of the year. If you're a practitioner focusing on treating seasonal allergy patients, it's an area with a never-ending source of patients. Integrative medical practitioners attempt to help seasonal allergy suffers using multiple modalities, many in tandem. I will delineate in this month's column one particularly effective method that I have found. 
ProTheraNAET utilizes muscle testing with the patient holding tiny vials of water which hold the electronic energy signature of the substance being tested imprinted onto the water molecules in the vial (more on this later). Needling specific acupuncture points or massaging posterior chains of acupuncture points while the patient holds the vial can theoretically eliminate the intolerance to the substance whether it is food-based or environmentally-based.
NAET is a very intriguing technique that seems to work well most of the time. When I muscle test for food allergies, it always amazes me the number of times people tell me that "yes, I get a stomach ache when I eat…" after it comes up weak on my testing. What is more amazing to me is that perfectly intelligent people can't connect the dots between a reaction directly after eating a food and the possibility that the food itself might be the source of the problem. Of course, if my patients did this, they wouldn't need me anymore. At 65, I would have trouble finding another stimulating job to supplement my income. Let me give you a few of my successful seasonal allergy patients. There have also been failures but let's concentrate on the successes.
Mike was a 28-year-old lawyer who had an almost life-long history of seasonal allergies.  As a child, he reported that he began reacting to basically anything that was blooming in the neighborhood of his Sacramento, CA, home. He was given a Percutaneous Skin Prick Test and was told he was allergic to almost every item tested. He was told to try and stay inside as much as possible and to wear a mask when he ventured outside and to take antihistamines symptomatically for relief. 
Mike said he was a very active kid, playing every sport imaginable and just endured the seemingly endless runny nose, scratchy eyes, and sore throat that was just part of life for him. In the last two years, he began having severe shortness of breath and a non-productive cough with wheezing that was episodic at first and now was presenting itself every day. Initially, the asthmatic symptoms were occurring when he ventured out into the world. Now, they were almost always present. He was given a diagnosis of allergic asthma and told to use an oral bronchodilator symptomatically, which was mildly effective.
Mike came to see me because a friend had said I had helped her overcome some relatively serious environmental allergies. I explained to him what NAET was and how we would proceed.  I was taught that I needed to clear any food allergies first before I could proceed to clear the environmental allergies.
He only had two food allergies on testing. They were milk (but not cheese or yogurt) and wheat. I immediately asked him if he had been breastfed. He said no and that he had been given a cow's milk formula, which he never seemed to tolerate very well, and then was started at three months on Cream of Wheat. Bingo, I thought!               
I cleared his two food allergies. Basically, the patients hold the vial with the food signature, and I needle Four Gates (right and left Large Intestine 4 and Liver 3 points). Then, they cannot eat or touch the food for 25 hours. I rechecked him after both treatments, and he had cleared the foods. In classical NAET, you are supposed to be able to eat as much of the food as you want after being cleared. My take is that people are intolerant of these foods and that I decrease their intolerance through the acupuncture while they hold the vial. I ask them to see how many times per week they can consume the food without symptoms and to not eat the food any more times than that.
Mike reported that his asthma was 50% better after the food NAET treatments. This was an encouraging sign. Next, I tested him for basic environmental allergens. I came up only with grass and pollen. I treated him with those in a similar fashion and encouraged him to test his new environmental relationship. He was completely surprised as his lifelong allergies seemed to be 90% better. He still suffered a little bit of wheezing when he played 18 holes of golf, which he hadn't been able to do in three years. I advised him that the environmental allergies are probably similar to the food ones in that he needed to not overdo his interactions with them.
He told me he would try one more scenario to see if it worked out. He came back a week later and said he and his wife had gone to their favorite spot where there was a beautiful view and some grass in a very secluded spot and made love with absolutely no issues, apparently sexual or environmental! He was immensely grateful for the success of the treatment.
CoreBioticPaige is a 60-year-old woman with a history of sinus infections and sinus polyps for the last 10 years. She has had four surgeries to remove nasal polyps over those 10 years. Each time the polyps have re-grown. Her last surgery was six months ago, and she feels that they are beginning to re-grow. She also reports that she presently has a severe sinus infection and is taking her umpteenth round of antibiotics for it. Paige definitely doesn't want to undergo another sinus surgery, and she would love to never take antibiotics again.
Paige lives in the Northern Sierras at approximately 5,500 feet elevation. She also lives on the north side of a steep mountain and is in shade most of the year. Because of this, she and her husband must burn wood late into June and start again at the beginning of September to keep their house from being cold and overrun with mold.
I explained to her that I will check food allergies first and treat them, which I did. Nothing remarkable, only soy and coffee/caffeine presented themselves as allergies. I then checked her for environmental allergies and nothing presented itself. Now, with NAET, you can check any object as long as it is contained within glass. I asked her to take a glass Bell jar and capture some wood smoke from her stove just after she lit it and to bring that to test. Voila, of course she was weak!
Now the conundrum of all conundrums presented itself. I could treat her, but she would immediately be exposed again. I asked her how badly she wanted to stop having sinus infections and surgeries. Badly enough for her, fortunately, to remove the wood stove and put in a kerosene heater. 
Now I was able to treat her, and she immediately began to improve and remarked that she was 90% better. She felt her polyps were shrinking. If her sinuses started acting up, she would use a Neti pot for a week or two, which prevented her from progressing to a sinus infection. I also worked on her intestinal flora with Seroyal's Genestra Brand HMF Replete, which is seven packages containing an outrageous amount of Lactobacillus acidophilus/salivarius, Bifidobacterium bifidum/animalis subsp. lactis, and FOS/fructooligosaccharides. 
The only problem remaining was her neighbors. I advised her to obtain a good mask and wear it when she ventured out in wood burning weather. Every few months she must come back in and be treated again because she can't always wear the mask and because wood smoke is present in the air nine months out of the year. 
Let's briefly turn to the subject of the little vials of water supposedly able to hold the electronic signature of various objects, both food and environmental. In the late 1980s, a French scientist named Jacques Benveniste claimed that water retains a memory of substances dissolved in it. He claims this still holds even after a solution is so diluted that not a single molecule of the substance remains. This, of course, forms the basis for the science of homeopathy.
Benveniste actually scientifically investigated his theory, which resulted in an article for the magazine Nature in 1988, describing an experiment in which he appeared to demonstrate the validity of homeopathy. Incredibly, Nature's editor, John Maddox, prefaced the article with an editorial comment entitled "When to Believe the Unbelievable."1
Nature had printed the article on condition that it could appoint three experts to observe the experiment being replicated. The trio were John Maddox, James Randi, a professional magician, and Walter Stewart, a researcher at the NIH and a "supposed" expert on science fraud.
They attempted to repeat Benveniste's experiment and could not achieve similar results.  Their conclusion was that his claims were based chiefly on a set of data that was statistically ill-controlled.2
Benveniste was staunch in his belief in the power of water to carry information.  He even went further to say that biomolecules like water communicate with their receptor molecules by sending out low-frequency electromagnetic signals and that he could record them digitally.  Then, by playing back the signals in the absence of the biomolecules themselves, he could reproduce their biological effects.3  His proposal was that the transmission of the signal somehow involved the quantum-coherent domains.4
Personally I resonate with stories like this.  I also believe that we haven't invented the relevant technology yet to be able to accurately measure, as Paul Harvey loved to say, "the rest of the story".  In the meantime, I will continue to use my little vials and my muscle testing and impress my patients with the results obtained from them.

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Jim Cross, ND, LAc

1. Davenas E, et al. Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE. Nature. 1988;338:816 – 818.
2. Ball P. The memory of water.
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