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From the Townsend Letter
November 2018

20 Years of Psychosomatic Energetics:
A Retrospective

by Dr. Reimar Banis
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In 1997, Psychosomatic Energetics (abbreviated PSE) was first publicly presented at the Medical Week in Baden-Baden. It was developed by me, a general practitioner working with empirical medicine techniques, as an extension of H.W. Schimmel's Vegatest, a complementary-medicine procedure which he developed. The method is now being used by about 700 specially trained therapists in more than 20 countries around the world.1 Most of the PSE therapists are naturopathically-oriented physicians and naturopaths taking care of chronically ill patients in their clinical practice.
I should point out that PSE is not a rival to academically-oriented "mainstream medicine," but rather a complement thereto. We know empirically that mainstream medicine necessarily has its limits, which can be seen in the great number of cases of chronic ailments that are difficult or even impossible for it to treat. Moreover, we in general medicine note that many patients don't have any discernible organic disease, but rather are psychosomatically ill – a difficult area of endeavor, and one where mainstream medicine inevitably comes up against its limits.

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For instance, for people who are always tired and don't feel well, mainstream physicians empirically are often unable to find any objectifiable cause, whereas with PSE we are able to detect an energy block due to a repressed emotional conflict, after the dissolution of which the patient once again feels well and full of energy. Or, when it comes to this kind of "burnout" patient, PSE finds a bed site that has been energetically disrupted by electrosmog and geo-radiation; after this situation is cleaned up, the chronically tired patient once again experiences relaxing and restful sleep and, after a few weeks, feels hale and hearty again. The same applies with some variation to chronic ailments, where we can often favorably influence the course of the illness or even bring about complete remission, i.e. in the case of chronic polyarthritis2 or ulcerous colitis.3

History and Development of the Method
VollAfter World War II, Dr. Voll, an internist from Ploching, developed electroacupuncture (Figure 1). In keeping with the spirit of the times, the main focus of the procedure – much as with Dr. Reckeweg, the inventor of homotoxicology – was on energetic dissonances in the form of metabolic toxins that needed to be treated with eliminatory medications and nosodes. At that time, the top expert in nosodes, Dr. Helmut Schimmel (Figure 2), with whom I worked closely for years, was treating energetic dissonances with mixtures of homeopathic meridian complexes (Kern Pharma) that are associated with the seven energy centers of yoga (chakras).

SchimmelThe effects of this novel procedure were impressive, but anything new can also cause confusion – after a while, namely, the chakra disorders would reappear, and then most of the nosodes in the remedy test no longer responded. The patient was detoxified, but still sick. The harmonization of the chakras had evidently extinguished the nosode signals, but an unknown factor related to the energy centers had led to their reactivation and thereby the patients' renewed symptoms. In time, intensive research revealed that emotional conflicts had to be considered the underlying cause of the recurring chakra disruptions.
Experience tells us that most energy blocks are emotional in nature, and it is the understanding of PSE that they arise due to long-ago emotional traumas. These shock-inducing emotional injuries are stored up in energy blocks. This is akin to an organism dealing with a viral infection by means of a measles skin rash, thereby banishing the foreign bodies to the periphery of the organism. The energy blocks lie there for a very long time, at some point becoming passive and energetically relatively well compensated. Mentally, they wind up in what is known as the unconscious.
ConflictsThe conflicts resonate with nosodes to some degree, but unfortunately not completely; so I had to develop new compound remedies to fill these gaps. In time, 28 emotional conflict themes were found, which can be related to various different energy centers, or chakras (Figure 3). It's amazing how often everyday expressions can be so apt in this context, when for instance fear makes it hard to breathe (Emvita 16 "Panic") or rage feels like a fire in the belly (Emvita 9 "Rage").
Once the currently active conflict has been identified, i.e. when test ampoules with the respective compound agent respond kinesiologically, the patient then receives the corresponding compound remedy for a longish period of time. Through resonance phenomena, the conflict is eventually eliminated completely; this process can be monitored during treatment, if necessary, using a special testing procedure. Once the conflict is eliminated, the energy, which had been bound up in it, is again available to the patient, who will then feel much more energetic. At the same time, emotional self-healing processes leading to greater autonomy are set in motion.
BDFN EssentialsPsychosomatic Energetics came into being when we had effective treatment of unconscious conflicts. As was to be expected given the background of events, most nosodes thereby became therapeutically unnecessary, since the patient is also for the most part detoxified by the process of dissolution of the emotional conflicts.

Initial Practical Experience with PSE and Specification of Coherent Rules
My initial experience with PSE in my clinical practice was unexpectedly unsatisfactory. Normally, medications that test out well, which like the PSE emotional and chakra remedies completely compensate virtually all energy levels, turn out to be very effective when used. However, there were patients who came in for follow-up tests six months later who unexpectedly showed no major improvement and often even tested out with a new conflict.
Only later did it become clear what the reason was for the disappointing therapeutic effects in the trial phase, as well as why new conflicts were constantly surfacing. I had committed several beginner's mistakes in the use of PSE:

  • It takes three to four months or more to completely eliminate most conflicts, which means that I had not assigned nearly enough treatment time.
  • If one treats conflicts only, which I had unwittingly done, then a checkup test will often turn up a new conflict. This then increasingly confuses the psychoenergetic system, since a multiplicity of active conflicts undergoing treatment at once will continue to have a psychoenergetically disruptive effect in the background, gaining strength in the process.

healing processOnce I had corrected these mistakes, it turned out that, after treating hundreds of patients, most of them had not just one, but rather several conflicts needing to be treated in order to achieve significant improvement or healing, and thus calling for 12-16 months of treatment (Figure 4). During this treatment time, each and every conflict had to be completely eliminated, i.e. in most cases, it was by no means enough to energetically heal just a single conflict in order for the patient to feel markedly and enduringly better.

Added to which, optimum PSE therapy requires consistent dosage compliance on the part of the patient (12 drops twice daily), since if less is taken, it takes correspondingly longer to heal the conflict; if more is taken, the benefit is virtually nil. Additional or alternative effective forms of conflict healing besides PSE have thus far not been found, aside from the fact that, while just waiting and seeing what happens, conflicts can go passive – but this simply means that they nevertheless continue to represent a source of potential risk. Moreover, they constantly and subliminally siphon off life energy and negatively manipulate any relatively objective assessment of a situation, thereby indirectly sabotaging a person's actions and reactions.
The firm and fast rules of PSE call for a great deal of discipline on the part of the therapist, who must follow a pre-set test sequence as well as adhere precisely to a detailed therapeutic plan. PSE medications cannot be resonated and need to be kept away from electrosmog and other disturbance sources such as heat etc. Detailed information can be found on the website of the IGPSE (International Society for Psychosomatic Energetics), a recognized nonprofit professional association headquartered in Switzerland. This information can also be found in the official PSE user's manual.1

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