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From the Townsend Letter
October 2018

International College of Integrative Medicine 2018 Conference Highlights
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ICIM gathered together in the iconic city of Cincinnati, Ohio, for another excellent conference from April 18-22. Attendees came from all over the country and even internationally to hear experts discuss "What Works in Clinical Medicine." A diverse array of topics was covered, including ozone therapy, stem cells, clinical endocrinology, hair tissue mineral analysis, manual medicine, alternative pain management, medical marijuana, vitamin E, hemp oil, gut flora analysis, and an opioid symposium. It provided a solid foundation of topics in integrative medicine for newcomers and significant detail to challenge and further equip those already in the field. With the practical theme of the conference in view, a fascinating process of understanding biochemical mechanisms ascended into clinical application.
BDNF EssentialsThis learning process was enhanced further through pre-conference readings, rich Q&A panel discussions, and case presentations by ICIM members. It was incredible to have so many experts gathered in a single place, with such a diversity of expertise and experience to offer. As a result, each clinical topic was thoroughly explored from multiple vantage points. This learning environment afforded attendees a plethora of clinical pearls to take back to their practices and utilize on Monday morning. In addition, valuable lectures were given on upcoming changes in office compounding regulations and informed consent from a legal perspective. Attendees could claim up to 20 CME credits for the conference.
This meeting was not only educational but also engaging. The atmosphere was light-hearted as local comedian John Bromels handled the announcements and introductions. Attendees also dined on exceptional food – a difficult feat to pull off for a group of very health-conscious people! In the evenings, events were planned that allowed members to socialize and enjoy activities together. It was clear from the BioDisruptoutset that ICIM truly values and emphasizes fellowship. Old friends caught up and first-timers were warmly welcomed into this special community. Connections were made, advice was offered, and ideas were exchanged between practitioners. In some ways it was reminiscent of a family reunion rather than just an academic meeting.
It was another dynamic conference by ICIM, and they will be back at it again in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for "An Orthomolecular Approach to Cancer" on October 18-22, 2018



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